New must read

Roy Bodden’s new book, Patronage,
Personalities and Parties: Caymanian Politics from 1950 to 2000 looks set to
become a must-read for anyone interested in Caymanian culture and politics.

The book, which follows The Cayman
Islands in Transition, is the second in a three-part series that analyses the
evolution of the islands’ politics and personalities.

“The work is a chronicle of the
political progression of the Cayman Islands and the psyche that has accompanied
this development, as well as a critique of the characters who played a role
during the time canvassed,” Mr. Bodden said during a recent launch held in
honour of this latest work.

Mr. Bodden, who is president of the
University College of the Cayman Islands, himself played a role in politics and
served as the minister of education and as a Bodden Town member of the
Legislative Assembly, before taking up his post as President of UCCI. More than
100 people attended the book launch on 10 July, which featured several guest
speakers, including Corin Smith, a civil rights activist from Bermuda, who
spoke about the segregation that still plagues politics in his country. Mr.
Smith referred to Mr. Bodden as a mentor and lauded his work for filling a void
in an area of interest where there was not much reference to pull from.

A historian, author and professor,
Carlyle G. Corbin, described this latest effort by Mr. Bodden as a powerful
commentary that addresses Caymanian politics in all its aspects.

“It explores what Roy calls
voluntary colonialism and other concepts that have a familiar ring, as many of
these things are also in play in the Virgin Islands,” he said, adding that the
book also places the new Cayman Islands Constitution into proper context.

“This offering will serve as a
guide to the present leadership and future generations,” he said. “It is a
seminal work, and Cayman has produced a fine native son whose intellect extends
far beyond these shores.”

Copies of Patronage, Personalities
and Parties, published by Ian Randle, will soon be available in paperback, as
well as in a limited hard-copy collector’s edition at participating bookstores
around the Island.

Mr. Bodden is also
the author of Stories My Grandfather Never Told Me, a book of short stories.