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Opposition hits back at criticism over assent of Civil Partnership Law

Cayman's official Opposition has described the assenting of the Civil Partnership Law Friday as a "sad day" for the country as its Leader Arden McLean called on Premier Alden McLaughlin to end what he called "the blame game".

Will: Book underlines axiom that if you want peace, prepare for war

Today’s U.S. ships are more capable than ever, but too few for comfort, as Lehman’s readers will realize when they consider what only the Navy can do.

Will: After nixing the Iran nuclear deal, is containment our only option?

It is a law of arms control: Significant agreements are impossible until they are unimportant, which means until they are not significant.

Rahn: Abolishing campaign contribution limits

Any determined person can legally get around the campaign finance restrictions with the aid of a smart lawyer.

EDITORIAL – UK wins ‘war’ against EU … then surrenders

Perhaps half-hearted Brexit officials secretly hope, if they manage to bungle the negotiations sufficiently, that the people of the U.K. will change their minds about leaving the EU.

Morici: Don’t muzzle social media sites to prevent abuse

Rob Goldman, Twitter’s head of advertising, was roundly criticized for stating the easiest way to fight a Russian campaign is a “well educated citizenry,” but he is right.

Noriega: Castro’s survival plan may be crumbling

Today, only a few U.S. diplomats remain in Havana after suspicious “health attacks” did physical damage to two-dozen Americans – likely with the complicity of the regime.

Mitchell: Globalism, good and bad

Globalism (or globalization, or internationalism, or the policies of “Davos Man,,” or whatever you want to call it) increasingly is perceived to be about more than free trade and comity between nations. In the minds of market-oriented people, it is getting linked with other policies that cause considerable angst.

Morici: Why muzzling social media is no answer

Requiring social media organizations to work with federal authorities to ferret out Russian operatives and similar malefactors and cancel fictitious accounts is fine, but personalities should not be banned because they upset our biases.

Dreyfuss: Oxfam scandal just the latest in a string of insults

Large charitable organizations, such as Oxfam, and UN military missions operate in a bubble of private security, sense of immunity and deference from their grateful hosts.

EDITORIAL – ‘Brexit’ and ‘blacklist’: Cayman stuck between the UK and the EU?

The “real victims” of divorce are often the children. We hope that doesn’t hold true for “colonial children,” including the Cayman Islands, in the context of England’s protracted separation from the European Union, known commonly as “Brexit.”

Mitchell: A Libertarian paradise in Mexico

In an ideal world, the central government would allow towns to formally secede, and those towns could then contract to have private management. But that will never happen since politicians would not want real-world examples showing the superiority of markets over government.

Letter: Thoughts for members of our Legislative Assembly

Our MLAs need to listen to the people and adhere to their wishes. A petition should never be necessary. They are supposed to be working for us; we are their employers!

EDITORIAL – One EU ‘blacklist’ and 47 shades of gray

There’s good news, there’s bad news and then there’s … gray news. Developments out of Brussels this week fell in the last category, as the European Union placed the Cayman Islands on a so-called “graylist” — meaning our government has made certain commitments in writing to address EU criteria on tax transparency and “fairness."

Morici: Treating US Congress as a harbinger of recession

These days, politics poses more threats to the economy than the machinations of the bond market as measured by the slope of the yield curve or any other metric.

Responding to the crisis in Honduras

A week after voting in a bitterly contested presidential election, Hondurans still do not know who their next president will be.

UPDATED: Few surprises as government sworn in

A 13-member government was sworn in by Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick Wednesday morning in a Legislative Assembly ceremony.

BREAKING: PPM-CDP coalition forms … again

It’s Premier Alden McLaughlin and Speaker of the House McKeeva Bush … again.

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Today's editorial cartoon

Bush strikes deal with independents to become premier

McKeeva Bush is set to become premier of the Cayman Islands, striking a deal with a group of independents, and reversing an announcement made hours earlier with the Progressives.


Today's editorial cartoon

Progressives founder Kurt Tibbetts quits politics

Premier Alden McLaughlin confirmed that Mr. Tibbetts will not seek re-election in the upcoming May 24 vote.

Post: A cult of personality dashes Turkey’s democratic dreams

Little more than a decade ago, Turkey appeared to be an emerging democracy with vibrant civil society and somewhat independent media. No longer. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has abandoned democracy and is building a strongman cult of personality.

Candidate rhetoric

Singh: A Labour Party split is electoral suicide

Labour has been here before. In 1981 [...] a group of moderates broke away to form the Social Democratic Party. The adventure ended in failure, and the 1983 election saw Margaret Thatcher lead the Conservatives to their most decisive postwar victory.

EDITORIAL – Cayman Islands: The view from the sunny side

There are far, far more good things going on in Cayman than bad. Our society is on a solid footing. Our economy is strong. Our future is bright.

One man one vote

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Lindsay: Gay marriage debate – policy, or politics?

A heated discussion on same-sex marriage is guaranteed to draw attention away from unemployment, failed government policies, the ever-increasing welfare state, etc.


EDITORIAL – The news media’s unhealthy dependence on political polling

The Cayman Islands traditionally has been a political polling-free zone, but the serpent may be about to enter the garden.

EDITORIAL – When truth becomes a casualty of politics

On a dark January night, an unmarked cargo plane filled with $400 million in unmarked bills took off for a secret destination, which we now know was Mehrabad Airport in Iran’s capital city of Tehran.

EDITORIAL – George Town Landfill: Another report … another editorial

We don’t want another report. We want a new landfill.

EDITORIAL – ‘Let’s vote on it …’ No, let’s not!

The Brexit decision should have been made by the U.K.’s elected representatives, not by individual voters in polling booths throughout the nation.

Brexit response not robust enough

The government must take this issue of the U.K.’s exit from the EU as a very serious matter ….

EDITORIAL – The necessary wall between MLAs and civil servants

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson etched a definitive and necessary line in the floor of the House, demarcating where the remit of lawmakers ends — and where the apolitical civil service begins.

EDITORIAL – On the landfill: No plan, no timetable – and no money

There it is, at last, the white flag of surrender. The treacherous Mount Trashmore has claimed victory over yet another Cayman Islands government administration.

Baines departs citing political interference

Former police commissioner David Baines left the Cayman Islands this week insisting he was the victim of a baseless, politically motivated smear campaign.

The Fundraiser

No politics in this yard

A sign at this home off John McLean Drive in East End is making the occupants’ stance clear on discussing politics in their front yard.

Kine: Justice by assassination

“If I make it to the presidential palace,” [Duterte] said, “I will do just what I did as mayor. You drug pushers, holdup men, and do-nothings, you better get out because I’ll kill you.”

EDITORIAL – Section 12: Lawmakers’ work has just begun

Cayman Islands lawmakers hit a home run with their repeal of the blanket immunity provision in the Health Services Authority Law – meaning they’re now batting about 1 for 8.

Bryan launches election campaign

Former radio talk-show host and one-time assistant to the premier, Kenneth Bryan, fired the starter’s pistol on election campaign season Monday, becoming the first person to declare his candidacy.

What’s going on in Bodden Town?

Will someone please tell me what I have missed that has been accomplished in Bodden Town in three years that is worth bragging about?

EDITORIAL – The Progressives’ unfinished business

The clock is ticking on the Progressives administration. In the coming months, our elected government will be subject to intensified scrutiny as to what it has done — and what it hasn’t.

Law removes public officers from corruption board

Changes to the Anti-Corruption Commission Law, approved by the Legislative Assembly on Monday, remove public officers from the commission’s board and give the commission its own police force.

Call for Caymanian involvement in coastguard review

Government and opposition legislators reached a rare consensus Monday on a recommendation for Caymanian involvement and oversight in the investigation of the police search and rescue operation for five boaters lost at sea since March.

The quorum

Cayman law still prohibits insult to ‘foreign princes’

A situation involving a German television comic who faces potential prosecution for “insulting” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a recent satirical presentation has led to revelations of a little-known Cayman law prohibiting the defamation of foreign leaders.

EDITORIAL – Democracy working as intended

The Speaker and the Premier are under no obligation to facilitate political grandstanding by minority MLAs eager to wrap themselves in the mantle of "parliamentary privilege."

Legislative meeting rules may be changed

Former West Bay lawmaker Benson Ebanks is often credited with describing parliamentary democracy in the Cayman Islands by stating: “the minority must have its say, but the majority will have its way.”

‘No show’ may be a legislative first

Although Cayman political insiders said they were little surprised by government members skipping out on a meeting of their own parliament this week, it’s possible the “no show” for Wednesday’s meeting may be a first for the Cayman Islands.

Emergency legislative meeting fizzles, police motions not heard

Two attempts to hold a special emergency meeting of the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly failed Wednesday after lawmakers were unable to obtain the requisite number of attendees either in the morning or the afternoon.

UPDATE: No shows thwart emergency LA meeting 

All eight elected members of the Progressives political party did not attend an emergency meeting of the Legislative Assembly Wednesday morning, leading House Speaker Juliana O’Connor-Connolly to adjourn the meeting and summons the missing members to appear later in the day.

EDITORIAL – Police and crime: ‘Lack of confidence’ – in lawmakers

“Lack of confidence” motions are serious parliamentary business. However, the particular motion being brought by independent and opposition lawmakers against Police Commissioner David Baines is not.

EDITORIAL – Manderson on a worthy mission

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, it appears, has thrown down the other gauntlet.

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Just in case

Governor says minister ‘recused himself’ from DVDL lease vote

A behind-the-scenes political squabble has erupted over the construction of a new government-leased vehicle licensing facility in Breakers.

Bush: Government has to operate

The formation of a coalition among Cayman’s disparate political opposition groups seems a remote possibility at this stage, Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush said this week.

Bare-bones government weighs options

With just nine members on the ruling government bench, the Progressives-led coalition was left to consider this week whether it would seek to muddle through the next 14 months via the slimmest of majorities or call for elections ahead of the usual May 2017 date.


Government caught off guard by MLA’s departure

The ruling Progressives government coalition has been left with a bare majority of nine MLAs on its side of the Legislative Assembly, not counting...

MLA Connolly leaves Progressives caucus, says he’s ‘not a politician’

George Town MLA Winston Connolly announced late Monday that he will no longer be a member of the Progressives political party caucus and is...

CarePay to solve all our problems, Watson tells court

Details of private discussions regarding the CarePay hospital patient swipe-card contract that took place between Aug. 11-12, 2010 – four months before the US$13 million contract was agreed by government – were reviewed in Canover Watson’s criminal trial Thursday.

‘Hillary-Speak’ on the campaign trail

"There's no such thing as bad publicity" — but when U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton named the Cayman Islands (in the context of tax abuses, of course) it certainly wasn't good publicity for our country.

CarePay trial: Webb hid CarePay profits from ex-wife, says Defense

Caymanian businessman Jeffrey Webb tried to cover his involvement in the company that won the Health Services Authority’s patient swipe-card contract because he was trying to hide his profits from his former wife during divorce proceedings, defense attorneys in the CarePay trial alleged.

From the National Conservation Council

National Conservation Council responds to Compass editorial.

CarePay trial: Defense: Witnesses brought to police interview by gov't minister

What was described as a surprise police interview conducted with three civil servants during the CarePay contract investigation last year was arranged by a Cayman Islands government minister, defense attorneys suggested during testimony Friday.

Cayman Economic Outlook conference date, speakers set

Inequality will be the theme of the 14th annual business conference presented by Fidelity Bank (Cayman) Ltd. on Jan. 19.

New fire chief plans focus on response times, risk management

David Hails underwent what he described as a “baptism by fire” this week during an unannounced visit to the Cayman Islands, where he was introduced as the new chief fire officer.

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