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McKeeva Bush: Rest in peace, dear 'Aunt Julia'

McKeeva Bush says farewell to his cousin, "Aunt Julia" Hydes.

Handouts to voters: Charity or vote buying?

When it comes to standing up in the Legislative Assembly against the practice of “vote buying,” George Town MLA Winston Connolly stands alone.

At the Compass, we don't practice 'gotcha' journalism

It is never our intent to misrepresent the statements or positions of the people we cover. We don't engage in, and won't stand for, "gotcha" journalism.

Connolly cannot get backing for ban on handouts

Independent legislator Winston Connolly has voiced his disappointment at the failure of his colleagues to support his calls for an end to the practice of politicians giving handouts to constituents.

Changes coming for government spending

The Cayman Islands government spent more than $95 million last year buying various goods and services from vendors.

Port politics: 'The Council' comes to life

Flexing its muscles against its creator, the National Conservation Council is attempting to impede the Progressives government’s pursuit of the cruise berthing project downtown.

UCCI awards highest honor to three citizens

While UCCI’s 2015 commencement celebrated the hard work of dozens of its graduates, the highest form of recognition bestowed at the October ceremony was reserved for three of Cayman’s most notable contributors.

Prep goes to Princeton

A group of 20 Cayman Prep and High School students were on their way to New Jersey Monday to take part in this year’s Princeton Model United Nations Conference.

Brac focuses on Remembrance Day rather than pirates

This year, the Cayman Brac Pirates Weekend and Heritage Week Committee is choosing to focus on remembering those who died in war and in celebrating the island’s culture and history rather than on pirates.

New stem cell treatment helps tendon, bone injuries

In the run-up to the 2012 London Olympic Games, Cayman Olympic runner Cydonia Mothersill was trying to overcome an injury to her Achilles tendon in her ankle.

'Fundamental change' for Cayman politics

Not all lawmakers support 'one man, one vote,' but all agree it will profoundly change Cayman Islands politics.

Local Canadians support Trudeau election

Canadians in the Cayman Islands generally welcomed recent election results there, sweeping away nine years of conservative politics and policies under outgoing Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Premier questions election 'checks and balances' proposal

A legislative motion that advocates the enactment of term limits and seeks to outlaw “vote buying” in the Cayman Islands may not see the light of day following government’s approval of sweeping voting changes ahead of the May 2017 general election.

Dock protest draws 250-300

About 250 to 300 people, many of them holding placards expressing their objections, braved blistering-hot late-afternoon sun to attend the protest held at the waterfront across from Cardinall Avenue.

Premier’s former aide takes radio role

The premier’s former political assistant, Kenneth Bryan, is back in the public eye and on the airwaves as the co-host of morning radio show “Cayman Crosstalk.”

Sterling raises City's hopes

Manchester City may have forked out $76 million in signing Raheem Sterling from Liverpool, but of the estimated $700 million they have spent on transfers since Arab billionaire Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahyan took over the club – much of it wasted – this could be his best buy yet.

Voting districts: And then there were 19

The new voting maps do not meet the "eye test" for rationality, nor do they achieve the principle of "equal representation." People of the Cayman Islands: Welcome to the world of redistricting!

Outside Cuba; the world's leading cigars

Leading cigar brands don't always necessarily come from Cuba.

Cruise berthing: Where is its proper place?

How, and where, does cruise berthing fit in with plans for downtown, Grand Cayman’s tourism strategy, and the Cayman Islands’ lengthy list of major capital projects and other priorities?

Labor bill raises retirement age to 65

A new labor bill, out for public consultation, could raise the retirement age to 65. It also increases maternity leave and creates new protections for whistleblowers.

One man, one vote: Grand Cayman, on the chopping block

A picture says a thousand words. In the case of single-member district voting in the Cayman Islands, we expect the new boundary maps will spark thousands upon thousands of words of discussion.

Cruise pier report funded by Environmental Protection Fund

A report detailing the damage to coral reefs that will be caused by new cruise piers in George Town harbor will be funded, in part, through the Environmental Protection Fund.

Forum focuses on inequality

Cayman Economic Outlook will explore the impact of deepening global inequality.

Ramdin should not blast hero Samuels

West Indies players evidently don’t take Test cricket as seriously as other nations, and that showed in Dominica last week when they were defeated by Australia in only three days.

Woody Da Costa replaces Austin Harris on 'Crosstalk'

Rooster Radio has “parted ways” with longtime morning talk show host Austin Harris a little over a week after he admitted a drunken assault on a woman.

Residency application tests under way

Prospective permanent residents in the Cayman Islands are now being tested on their grasp of local history and culture.

A snapshot of unacceptable behavior on the House floor

The fact that someone from the government bench took a photograph of Leader of the Opposition McKeeva Bush supposedly sleeping and then distributed it to the public is an example of bad behaviour in the Legislative Assembly.

Premier says he will back 'one man, one vote'

Cayman's premier vows to press on with changes in the territory's general election voting system.

'Pay as you vote': Begging Cayman's leaders for change

For at least as long as there has been a ready supply of easy money in the Cayman Islands, elected representatives have been doling it out to their constituents. We like freshman lawmaker Winston Connolly's description of the practice: "It's shut-up money."

Opposition party to petition against voting change

Cayman's opposition leader says his political party will start a petition against single-member voting districts and wants to sign up the premier in the effort.

MLA Connolly: Stop political handouts

George Town MLA Winston Connolly says the current practice of elected members giving cash handouts to supporters must be stopped.

Tories keep UK territories minister

There will be no change in U.K. overseas territory's minister following the Conservatives' election victory.

Powers of MLAs questioned

Premier Alden McLaughlin insists his backbench MLAs have far more influence on government policy than outside observers may realize.

PR seekers can enroll in 'test class'

Potential new Caymanians can learn more about local culture and history at UCCI in preparation for their upcoming permanent residence tests.

Rivers election challenge: Hewitt ordered to pay costs

Chief Justice Anthony Smellie has ordered West Bay’s Gordon Hewitt to reimburse MLA Tara Rivers for her costs incurred during his losing June 2013 challenge to her election.

'Meow, meow, meow' means 'I love you'

How many times have you longed to have a conversation with your cat? Well, the Human-to-Cat Translator app could be the answer.

Work permits and unemployment: Exposing the myth

The assertion that foreign workers take jobs from Caymanians belongs in the realm of myth.

Premier names new political aide

The premier wastes no time in hiring a new political assistant. Several high-profile jobs in the rest of the Home Affairs ministry, however, are still looking for full time staffers.

Premier’s aide fired

A close ally of Cayman's premier is given his walking papers.

Permanent residence tests delayed another month

Cayman is not quite ready to start hearing new applications for permanent residence.

PAC chairman defends witness list

Cayman's Public Accounts Committee chairman answers questions about why his committee appears to be selectively calling witnesses.

McKeeva Bush turns 60

McKeeva Bush celebrated his 60th birthday with about 200 friends on Jan. 20, 2015 at the home of Lewie Ceto Hydes in Governor's Harbour.

PAC must be held to account

The Public Accounts Committee, perhaps more than any other, must itself be accountable to the public.

Governor backs auditor general

Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick has fully backed the territory’s auditor general who took a public verbal drubbing at the hands of Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush last week.

Who's to blame for Caymanian unemployment?

Expatriates aren't "stealing" jobs from Caymanians. Rather, far too many out-of-work Caymanians either aren't qualifed for, or don't want the jobs that are available.

Academic invited to Paris to speak at European conference

Caymanian academic and author Roy Bodden has been invited to a conference in Paris to share his ideas on the territory’s history.

Top Stories of 2014: Slots, plots and champagne moments: McKeeva Bush trial

Details of McKeeva Bush’s late-night casino gambling were overshadowed by former governor Duncan Taylor’s penchant for a “quiet bottle of bubbly” in a headline-grabbing trial that had more twists and turns than a John Grisham thriller.

Cayman Islands police commissioner defends record

Police Commissioner David Baines declares he will not resign, despite calls from some legislators for him to step down.

Schwarzenegger to keynote Cayman Alternative Investment Summit

Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will headline the Alternative Investment Summer in February.

Pacquiao must look beyond Money

Manny Pacquiao would love to fight Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. in his next bout but the brash champ is still being evasive to committing to the only contest that sports fans are baying for.

Don’t miss the magic of Gimistory

The Cayman Islands International Storytelling Festival, better known as "Gimistory," is sure to entertain audiences, young and old, when it begins Nov. 29.

‘Reflections from a Broken Mirror’
Roy Bodden’s poetic plea

Roy Bodden's latest literary work is a collection of poems entitled "Reflections from a broken mirror."

Business in brief

A roundup of recent business news.

Misick congratulates Bush on acquittal

The former premier of Turks and Caicos, who is facing corruption charges in his own country, on Monday congratulated McKeeva Bush on his acquittal on 11 charges last week.

Jubilation among Bush supporters

There were scenes of jubilation both inside and outside the Grand Court in George Town on Thursday as supporters of McKeeva Bush celebrated his acquittal.

It’s time for our leaders to get off the sidelines

Cayman's "best and brightest" cannot remain above and aloof from our rough-and-tumble political discourse.

Former Governor Duncan Taylor: ‘Quiet bottle of bubbly’ if McKeeva charged with crimes

The former governor of the Cayman Islands Duncan Taylor suggested a “quiet bottle of bubbly” would be in order if McKeeva Bush was charged with criminal offenses, in a series of emails to a British foreign office official read out in Grand Court.

Big salaries revealed in government authorities, companies

The salaries of the leaders of some government companies and public authorities leave one local lawmaker "shocked."

‘Ivan the Equalizer’: The event that united us all

Ten years ago, Hurricane Ivan pummeled the Cayman Islands, killing two people, causing massive damage and indelibly etching itself into the memories of those who lived through it.

Jury pool quizzed on gambling, politics, credit cards

Potential jurors in the trial of McKeeva Bush were quizzed on their political affiliations and views on gambling on Wednesday in an effort to assemble an impartial jury to try the former premier.

Online poll: Economy, crime lead list of Cayman’s biggest issues

The economy and the cost of living, along with crime, remain Cayman’s biggest issues, according to respondents to a caymancompass.com online poll.

Online poll: Most would stay home during a major hurricane on island

More than 60 percent of the respondents to a caymancompass.com online poll said they would stay in their home if a major hurricane was approaching the Cayman Islands.

Online poll: Jury out on academy-style public schools

Most respondents either didn't know anything about UK-style school acadamies or didn't know enough about them to decide if they would be a good system for the Cayman Islands to adopt.

Miller: No ignoring ‘one man, one vote’

Former chair of One Man One Vote committee says the premier should listen to the will of the people on election reform.

Cayman schools: Elevate the education debate

Cayman needs more voices in the education debate, more government transparency and more accountability for everyone involved in the school system.

Taking charge of Cayman’s London office

The total dysfunction of Cayman's London office has embarrassed the country on the international stage.

Marquez sets up Pacquiao high five, which is a blow

Mexican legend Juan Manuel Marquez looks likely to meet Manny Pacquiao for a fifth fight even though the public is generally not interested nor will it generate much income.

Bush: ‘I have not connived’ with independents

Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush says he is aggrieved by allegations about a “campaign of destabilization” being waged against the Progressives-led government.

Boat captains: No safe haven from the rent

There is something fundamentally wrong when government gets all mixed up with business and politics.

Lawmakers: Coalition government under attack

Some backbench lawmakers claim government destabilization attempts are under way, while others say it's just part of the political game.

Seven Mile Public Beach – Sad story of politics and promises

Writer concerned that West Bay Road public beach area will remain a construction site.

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