Premier’s former aide takes radio role

The premier’s former political assistant, Kenneth Bryan, is back in the public eye and on the airwaves as the co-host of morning radio show “Cayman Crosstalk.”

Mr. Bryan, a former television journalist and a candidate for the Progressives party in the last election, joins Woody DaCosta, in hosting the talk show on Rooster FM.

He said he hopes to bring a new perspective to the show and will not shy away from asking the hard questions and tackling the big issues affecting the country.

Despite his previous political affiliation and his acrimonious sacking from his role as Premier Alden McLauglin’s political assistant, Mr. Bryan said he will bring a balanced approach to the role.

“The offer will be put out to the premier to come on the show. I don’t know if he will accept; that is his decision. I am professional enough for it not to be an issue. The show is not about Kenny Bryan or Alden McLaughlin, it is about constructive debate and information for the people of this country.”

Mr. Bryan said he will reach out to politicians from all parties, as well as independent legislators, to invite them on the show.

“Hurley’s Group and Rooster FM offer a platform for the elected members to inform the people about what actions they are taking, and I think it is their responsibility to take up that offer,” he said.

He dismissed concerns that he would show any bias against his former employer and said the show, despite having two former Progressives candidates as hosts, would be politically neutral.

“It is a show for PPM people. It is also a show for UDP people, for C4C people and for people who support the independent candidates. The show is for Cayman,” he said.

Mr. Bryan has made no secret of his intent to run for election again in 2017 and currently plans to stand as an independent candidate.

“It’s a political show, so in some respects my involvement in politics is an advantage. I think Woody and I will be a great combination and I hope to offer a fresh perspective. I suspect things will spice up quite a bit in the next few weeks and months,” he said.

Mr. Bryan has entered not guilty pleas to charges of disorderly conduct and assaulting police in connection with allegations that he got in an officer’s personal space and stuck a finger in his face outside a nightclub last year.

On the first day of his trial in August, the court heard evidence from a female police officer that Mr. Bryan was protecting her from being assaulted by her ex-boyfirend. The trial was adjourned until November.

After the charges were brought, Mr. Bryan was suspended and later dismissed from his role as Mr. McLaughlin’s political assistant.

Kenneth Bryan joins Rooster as a co-host.

Kenneth Bryan joins Rooster as a co-host.

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