What’s going on in Bodden Town?

Every district is favored with members of the Progressives government except East End and North Side, and those two district representatives as far as I am concerned should have been given a government seat three years ago. Of course, they were not, because they stand for the people, but I believe that in three years they have learned a big lesson.

Each district has people who viciously ran campaigns to make changes, so my thoughts are a start to “fixing your problems.” This year, 2016, is “Election Year.” Next year is “Voting Year.”

I am from the district of Bodden Town, and I have been watching Bodden Town and reporting what has been done and not done by all parties without prejudice.

Having four members of the Progressives party and will someone from this district please reply on this media, and tell me what I have missed that has been accomplished in three years that is worth bragging about.

The Progressives stopped residents from using the … whatever we want to call them … huts on the Coe Wood Public Beach; allowed the premises of the old Health Clinic to be sneakily privately used; built a “political friends” back road that cost thousands of dollars from Lookout Garden to Harry McCoy Park and Mission House.

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Now the roadway has been closed because neighbors were being disturbed by traffic. Well, it has since become a bypass for criminals’ getaways and drug users. No one uses it when there is an occasion.

The hurricane center in front of Rankin’s Jerk Centre has been struggling for the past three years on private property. In fact, concerned citizens need to take a drive through and look and hope they all do not have to pile in down there with no windows and doors if there is an unannounced hurricane this year.

The Progressives would not give the money they promised to assist with their portion of completing the hurricane/church center. But could spend half a million dollars on a “political friends” play house alongside the Harry McCoy Park.

While you are in the area, question why more than half a million dollars was approved by that government to “political buddies” to put on a roof and refurbish the Ashford House that is only used once a year.

There are and will be more questions than answers, and although the Bodden Town party is split in two, someone needs to start talking to each other because we will vote you all out, and other “wannabe politicians from this town,” I suggest I hear you open your mouth on this media, because I hope you are not thinking that you are going to sit silently watching and thinking we have a reason to vote for you in 2017.

You gave, and are giving us no reason.

It’s going to take much more than hams, turkeys, fruit baskets and truckloads of soil and cement blocks this election.

Twyla Vargas

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