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Votes for life for British citizens living abroad

British citizens living in the Cayman Islands and anywhere overseas will have the right to vote in UK elections regardless of how long they have resided abroad.
Wayne Panton and McKeeva Bush

Panton announces new deal to form government, with McKeeva Bush as Speaker

Wayne Panton, the leader of the newly formed PACT Independent Group, announced a deal to form a government that would see McKeeva Bush return as speaker of the house.

More than 23,000 registered to vote

More than 23,600 voters, subject to claims and objections, will be eligible to cast their votes in the 2021 general election according to the latest update by the Elections Office.

Jamaica’s ruling party claims re-election victory in landslide win

Jamaica's ruling party was re-elected in a landslide win on Thursday marked by low turnout, prompting Prime Minister Andrew Holness to vow to work on restoring voters' trust in politics and continue fighting the country's coronavirus outbreak.

Trinidad and Tobago PM claims election victory for ruling party

PORT OF SPAIN (Reuters) - Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Keith Rowley claimed victory for his ruling party in a general election on Monday, appearing to...

General election date set for 26 May 2021

The Governor’s Office confirmed Friday that the Cayman Islands general election will be held on 26 May next year.

Brexit ballot: UK lawmakers back 12 Dec. election

Britons will be heading out to vote in the dark days of December after the House of Commons on Tuesday backed an early national vote that could break the country's political impasse over Brexit — or turn out to be merely a temporary distraction.

MLA Bryan pushing for voter survey

Member of the Legislative Assembly Kenneth Bryan said during a press conference on Thursday that the upcoming cruise port referendum is a unique opportunity for gauging public opinion on other topics. 

New Government

1% of election votes were disqualified

Roughly one percent of those participating in the Cayman Islands May 24 General Election had their votes disqualified, either due to an improperly marked ballot paper or a late postal ballot.

BREAKING: PPM-CDP coalition forms … again

It’s Premier Alden McLaughlin and Speaker of the House McKeeva Bush … again.

No liquor

Today's editorial cartoon

Bush strikes deal with independents to become premier

McKeeva Bush is set to become premier of the Cayman Islands, striking a deal with a group of independents, and reversing an announcement made hours earlier with the Progressives.

AS IT HAPPENED: Election Day, May 24, 2017

Live coverage from Election Day, May 24, 2017


Today's editorial cartoon

One man, one vote

One man, one vote — Today's editorial cartoon

Warning over ineligible voters

The Elections Office has issued a list of 194 people who are currently ineligible to vote because their addresses are incorrectly listed on the electoral roll. A record 21,465 people are registered as voters on the revised list, but there are still voters for whom correct addresses have not been confirmed.

Formal start to election season

Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick issued writs of election Wednesday to the 19 returning officers participating in the May 24, 2017 general election, normally viewed as the first formal step of the local election process.

Most youth not signed up for election

Even though it has estimated a record number of registered voters for next spring’s general election, the Cayman Islands Elections Office said this week that it appears a majority of younger Caymanians are not taking part.

EDITORIAL – Election countdown: If you want a voice, register to vote

One man, one vote is an entirely new paradigm for Cayman, and it is impossible for anyone to predict what the results of the change will be. What you can be certain of, however, is that the Compass will dedicate our resources, efforts and time to ensure that Caymanians are prepared to vote in May 2017.

EDITORIAL – Let the election campaign begin (not a typo)

As always, our news pages will remain neutral and objective, and our opinion pages will contain well-researched and strongly articulated viewpoints on matters we believe are important to our readers and our country. Overall, our coverage of the elections will be balanced, robust and focused on issues — not personalities.

Ritholtz: Mr. Market doesn’t care about your politics

It’s election season, and that means it’s time for partisans to pose as economists and strategists in order to explain how much the markets support their favorite candidate. It is an exercise fraught with a fundamental misunderstanding of what drives markets at best – or intellectual dishonesty at worst.

Cayman needs change in 2017

I am calling for independent moderate conservative Caymanians to run as candidates in the 2017 general election.

EDITORIAL – Politics and religion: Foreshadowing our upcoming elections

Inside the Lions Centre on Sunday, thousands of residents rallied for the preservation of traditional “family values.” The huge gathering, impressive by any measure, was testimony to the fact that the collective character of the Caymanian people is rooted deeply in conservative religious values and beliefs.

Elections Bill seeks to cement political parties

Registration of political parties – whether a group contesting a Cayman Islands general election calls itself a political party or not – would be required under amendments to the local Elections Law due to come before the Legislative Assembly for approval in less than a month.

Election registration count begins this month

From Aug. 27, election workers will begin knocking on doors across the Cayman Islands to register new voters and verify existing registrations.

Record voter registration expected

The number of registered voters in the Cayman Islands has not changed much in the last three years, but Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell expects that to change when “election fever” starts to hit the islands ahead of the next general election.

Hewitt bankruptcy hearing set

John Gordon Hewitt and Velma Powery-Hewitt are to appear Thursday afternoon, July 21, for bankruptcy proceedings amounting to nearly $140,000 related to a 2013 courtroom battle establishing Minister Tara Rivers’s eligibility to stand for elective office.

New MLA seat adds costs

The costs of MLA salaries and constituent allowances will increase the government’s budget by about $190,000 next year.

The Fundraiser

EDITORIAL – ‘Budget dining’: The Progessives’ fundraising affair

A good portion of politics is appearance. And this sort of thing just looks … well … like “insider trading” – where political insiders were encouraged to trade cash possibly for influence, certainly for information.

Bush says government fundraiser ’questionable’

Cayman Islands Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush said it was “absolutely poor and questionable” for the premier to present details of the upcoming government budget to a $200-a-plate political party fundraiser at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman Tuesday night, before the official release of the spending plan in the Legislative Assembly next week.

Dec. 31 deadline for election registration

All eligible Cayman Islands voters who wish to participate in the May 24, 2017 general election must meet a Dec. 31, 2016 registration deadline to get on the voters’ list, the elections office announced Tuesday.

Elections Office targets young voters at UCCI

With elections slated for next year, registering officers from the Cayman Islands Elections Office visited the University College of the Cayman Islands last week to encourage young Caymanians to register to vote.

Election and information campaign to cost more than $1 million

The Elections Office expects to spend more than $1 million on a national voter information and registration campaign ahead of the 2017 general election.

Bryan launches election campaign

Former radio talk-show host and one-time assistant to the premier, Kenneth Bryan, fired the starter’s pistol on election campaign season Monday, becoming the first person to declare his candidacy.

What’s going on in Bodden Town?

Will someone please tell me what I have missed that has been accomplished in Bodden Town in three years that is worth bragging about?

Early election up to governor/premier

Although Premier Alden McLaughlin has not officially called for early elections, the Cayman Islands governor’s office has confirmed that it will give “great weight” to such a request if the premier resolves to take such a step.

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