Cayman needs change in 2017

Education Minister Tara Rivers objects to Wednesday's emergency meeting of the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly due to non-attendance of government members. - Photo: Brent Fuller

I am calling for independent moderate conservative Caymanians to run as candidates in the 2017 general election. We need Caymanians who are not afraid to fight for freedom, fair treatment and justice for the Caymanian people and to protect our privacy and religious freedom, someone who understands that what our government has done for the past 15 years is not working for our country or for our people.

We have to define marriage as God intended between man and woman. And make it clear in the laws. Our country is going to hell in a hand basket under the pretense of good talk on television and radios about business and jobs. In reality, our politician do not get it.

We need to bring back all types of businesses to this country who can provide better paying jobs for our people, more prosperity, better financial security with more money to spend and more freedom; the people should have choices, not more laws and extravagant spending and mandates. Caymanians are suffering just trying to keep up with these mandates, pensions and insurance. Some of us cannot pay school fees, can’t send our children to university, and can’t even pay their mortgage. Businesses are closing every day and the establishment groups think everything is fine. Their bread is buttered; they do not care about yours. Many Caymanians are dying of cancer, heart attacks, strokes, sugar diabetes, and even dialysis in this country because they just can’t afford medications or to eat healthy anymore; they are living paycheck to paycheck. Government’s taxes and fees on supermarkets, gas and other basic everyday goods are outrageous. Caymanians, open your eyes, each day our lives are getting worse, not better.

A liberal progressive government thinks that the bigger the government becomes and the more control they have over your life with more rules and regulations, more mandates, higher taxes and fees, more bureaucracies, more laws, more social service programs – somehow they think these things can improve our lives and make it better and provide jobs and that this will make the economy better. This could never be further from the truth; only the private sector can improve the economy. These ideas make the country poorer, less prosperous and create more government dependencies and more crime in the country. This is why the middle-class people are just about done in our country; people are discouraged. The middle-class has been chocked with unnecessary laws.

On the other hand, a moderate conservative government, like Kennedy and Reagan administration in the U.S., we know has been proven to work, with less intrusions in people’s lives, and by downsizing the government, by cutting taxes and fees, even corporate tax, reducing rules and regulations, cutting bureaucracies and give people back their freedom to do business and to provide jobs and allow the private sector to work without government interference. This is the path to prosperity and a successful government with better stability and less crime and more productive people with better-paying jobs and a better future for our country and its people, unlike what the government is now doing.

Caymanian people, look around you, it’s another election year coming. Don’t be fooled with propaganda. Where have they been for the last few years, when you could not find a job or pay your bills? Look at your surroundings before voting for the same old as we have done for the past 15 years, with more crime than we ever had, more Caymanians in prison, less jobs, less freedom, less choices, and businesses closing their doors. Our country is becoming a disaster.

Our government is concerned about a fancy dock, modern airport, and you cannot afford to feed your family. That is the wisdom of our politicians.

The cost to do business here is ridiculous; we have too many laws that kill jobs; our country’s debt and spending is out of control. We need to stop spending and borrowing what we do not have. At this time, we should be trying to pay off our debt first. So many in our government seem to not care; no one is doing the things that make Caymanians’ lives easier or less hustle to do business or even to live. The only thing our politicians seem to agree on is creating new laws, and spending government money on unnecessary things that do not benefit or help the people.

We need you as a candidate to stop this runaway train. We can turn this country around, we need to make sure there is a future for our children and grandchildren.

We can do this. Let’s make Cayman a more prosperous and safer place for everyone to live in again.

I am not a politician. Please do not brand me as one. I am just a concerned Caymanian with a God-given vision of our country’s future and don’t like what I see for our children and grandchildren.

Allan R. Wagner


  1. I agree that marriage should be between one man and one woman as our Creator intended it. I hope that Caymanians will not follow the United States and pass “same sex” marriage into law, which was done to be politically correct and to secure election votes.

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