Warning over ineligible voters

The Elections Office has issued a list of 194 people who are currently ineligible to vote because their addresses are incorrectly listed on the electoral roll.

A record 21,465 people are registered as voters on the revised list, finalized on Jan. 31, but there are still multiple voters for whom correct addresses have not been confirmed.

The list of names with incorrect addresses has been posted along with the revised list on the Elections Office website.

“I urge the public to review at the names of the 194 persons on list and contact us with updated contact details,” Supervisor of Elections Wesley Howell said.

If registering officers cannot locate the people on the list and update their information during the claims and objection period that ends Feb. 20, they will file objections to them being included in the final voters list, he said. Assuming the objections are upheld by a magistrate, they will be unable to vote.

He added that the period of public review of the revised elector’s list also included the opportunity for people to object to any voters considered to be ineligible.

“I urge all persons to go online, or in person at post offices and check the revised voter details listed without delay and, if necessary, to file claims or objections before the Feb. 20 deadline,” he said.

Of the 19 electoral districts for the May 24 general election, Bodden Town East has the highest number of registered voters with 1,531 followed by Bodden Town West with 1,453 electors, according to the revised list. These are followed by West Bay South with 1,358 and Savannah with 1,354 voters. Cayman Brac East has the smallest number with 506 electors.

View the revised elector’s list at https://portal.elections.ky/index.php/home/revised-list or contact the elections office on [email protected] or 949-8047.

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