Formal start to election season

Governor Helen Kilpatrick, front row, center, with, seated from left, Deputy Supervisors Ernie Scott and Sheena Glasgow, Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell and Elections Office official Rupert McCoy and the returning officers and deputies who received their writs of return Wednesday.

Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick issued writs of election Wednesday to the 19 returning officers participating in the May 24, 2017 general election, normally viewed as the first formal step of the local election process.

The returning officers and six deputies were presented the writs, with Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell looking on.

The writs detail how each returning officer is to conduct the election in their respective district.

The duties of the returning officers include receiving candidates’ nominations; establishing and staffing polling stations; issuing postal ballots; training elections officers, including presiding officers and poll clerks; overseeing the polling and vote counting; and declaring the result of each election.

Following the election, the writs will be returned to the governor with the name of the candidate who has been elected to serve in that electoral district, Mr. Howell said in a press release.

The writs also set the nomination date for election candidates as Wednesday, March 29, 2017, and for the general election on May 24.

The Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly will be officially dissolved on March 28, 2017.

The returning officer in each district is:

West Bay North – Burke Omar McLean
West Bay West – Dale James Ramoon
West Bay South – Antoinette Yvette Johnson
West Bay Central – Delano Oliver Solomon
George Town South – Philip Antonio Barnes
George Town West – Melinda Natasha Montemayor
George Town East – Shirley Lynne Whittaker
George Town Central – Paul Henry Richard Smith
George Town North – Michael Albert Nixon
Red Bay – Ida Jane Ebanks
Prospect – Judith Grace Witter
Bodden Town East – Alice Ann Louise Kirchman
Bodden Town West – Haroon Lloyd Pandohie
Savannah – Kim Ann Bullings
Newlands – Ronnie Dale Dunn
East End – Philip Martin Jackson
North Side – Annikki Raakel Brown
Cayman Brac West and Little Cayman – Dave Talbert Tatum
Cayman Brac East – Bentley Leroy (Mark) Tibbetts, Jr.

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