Tall buildings not comical

Your cartoon last week, “Planning Approval – by Caymanman,” would be more humorous if I were not living next to a five-story (actually seven-story) project that is being built 100 feet from the median high water mark instead of the minimum 130 feet required, as attested to by a private professional survey, a survey done by the Department of the Environment (who also objected to the project) and a survey done by the Cayman Islands’ own Lands and Survey Department.

When I (and another 20-plus people) placed our objections regarding this issue before the Central Planning Authority, for inexplicable reasons the Attorney General’s office told the CPA that “any contention that the survey is inaccurate is not an issue for the Central Planning Authority to consider at this time.”

And the building continues to be constructed at 100 feet in many places from the median high water mark. Cartoon – funny; reality – not so much.

Richard J. Beard

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