Letter: Thoughts for members of our Legislative Assembly

A member of Cayman’s Legislative Assembly should be a God-fearing person, and care for our people and our islands.

Our MLAs are supposed to look out for the welfare of the Caymanian people first, including the homeless, the hungry, the unemployed, our youths, providing healthcare for the indigent, etc.

They should be present in the districts; not just be seen every four years. Walk through the districts, ride or drive through the districts. Check out the conditions of the houses, our government buildings and the roads.

Look at all the litter on the streets. A budget should be prepared to keep our islands clean and beautiful all year long, not just two weeks at the end of the year. The people that are working during this time could be working all year long. I have suggested placing bins on each street, erecting “No Littering” signs and signs warning that litterers will be fined. A sign at the entrance of each district would also be helpful, saying, for example: “Please Do Not Litter, Help Keep Cayman/West Bay Beautiful.”

Our islands cannot be cleaned in two or three weeks. The people that are trying to do this could be doing this all year. The bulk waste collection could be done at least four times a year. Our islands need to be kept clean and these people should be offered the jobs.

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How can our MLAs overlook the conditions of the environment in which we live? It looks like we have a government that does not care very much about the people and the islands. Our MLAs need to listen to the people and adhere to their wishes. A petition should never be necessary. They are supposed to be working for us; we are their employers!

They should also mix and mingle with the people and not alienate themselves. Socialize on a weekly or monthly basis. Get to know the people; be humane and find out what they need and look about getting them the help they need.

At present, the people are very disappointed with the MLAs they voted into office because they are not doing anything to help them and their families. It is like they were going to do so much to help the people but once they got into office, they were totally forgotten.

Our MLAs are being paid a full-time salary. Each MLA who is not a minister with an office in the Government Administration Building should also have an office in the district they represent and work out of that office on a daily basis, at least Monday to Friday, and not at their own personal businesses. Employ someone else for that.

Just like other people are working, MLAs are holding very important jobs and should be at their desks unless they are on the road doing business for us and the district.

Constituents should be able to make appointments and see the MLAs – not like it is now; you try making an appointment and you never get one in four years. It is very good for an MLA to have office hours to meet with the people. Whoever is doing that now, thank you.

All our politicians must work together to make Cayman the place we want it to be. They must work together for the benefit of the people and these islands.

In my opinion, the pace at which Grand Cayman is developing is our government’s doing because they are allowing it to be over-developed/destroyed by one or more investors and this should never have been allowed to happen. The indigenous Caymanians are being stamped out and we are outnumbered by non-nationals. We must put a stop to this now!

The party system also has to go – this will only lead to hatred and violence like in other countries and we do not need this.

We need to go back to the way it was. Hopefully this will be done during the next four years.

Everyone got along just fine and the ayes always had it. I pray that it be discontinued for the benefit of our people and these islands.

I could write more but if the MLAs first look about the people and the environment in which we live, that would be a good start. Everyone is hoping for a change for the better. Let us all work together to make things better for the Cayman Islands and its people.

Dora A.E. Ebanks (Ms.)

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  1. Ms Ebanks I surely agree with your letter and thoughts . I have to think that these Politicians don’t want to think the way you do .
    On the. subject of keeping the Islands clean all year round Government could put all the prisoners out chained together and guarded to clean the Island all year and cost 75% less than what it cost to hire people for two weeks at the end of the year .

    But why the Government give people two weeks work at Christmas time is the same reasons why you don’t see them visit those people till the end of their 4 years. Is because the politicians don’t care about the People until they need their vote .

    I believe that it’s a shame and disgrace why they can’t think the way you’re suggesting.