Editorial for July 26: At least one had it right

At the People’s Progressive
Movement’s public meeting in George Town last Thursday night, Bodden Town MLA
Anthony Eden called for unity in government during these very challenging times
in the Cayman Islands. 

Mr. Eden, who has always conducted
himself as a statesman in the Legislative Assembly, said it was time for all 15
legislators to put petty politics behind and work together for the benefit of
the country.

Less than an hour later, however,
his fellow party member Arden McLean spoke and called for a vote of no
confidence against Premier McKeeva Bush, an act that probably represents the
epitome of not working together.

Another of Mr. McLean’s own party
members later said his comments should be taken in the tongue-in-cheek manner
in which they were made.

Are we to understand, then, that
Mr. McLean was making light of such a serious course of action? While others in
his party might think it amusing for Mr. McLean to insincerely suggest a vote
of no confidence, surely they must understand there are those in the community
who would take his statements seriously.

A time when many people are
experiencing hardships, some like they never have before, is not a time for
politicians to be making insincere pleas for the most extreme of political
actions just to gain a few political points.

There was an election just over 14
months ago. The people spoke loud and clear. This government has found itself
in one of the most dire economic situations any Cayman Islands government has
ever experienced.  The elected
government, and its leader, deserve the remaining 34 months of their term to
try and implement the mandate on which it was elected.

Calling for a vote of no confidence
because the government has increased fees to balance the budget without
imposing direct taxation is a cheap political ploy at best and an act of great
irresponsibility at worst. Just the talk of such things has the potential to
damage Cayman’s already hurting international image.

We agree with Mr. Eden; It’s time
for our legislators to stop the petty politics and work with a sense of unity
in these uncertain time in which we live.


  1. What mandate?. To stifle free speech and to reverse the freedom of information act; Or is it to move the East to the West one truck-load at a time and fill the hole with trash. How about this’ Lets work together and fill the public purse for the good of the country. Public Servants, it is up to you to keep our country,s funds in the black.. Start by putting those three top officials who are suspended with pay back to work, and please keep down the lawsuits..

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