Gordon Brown happy on backbench

Former UK prime minister
Gordon Brown has given his first interview since leaving Downing Street,
insisting he is “very cheerful” as a backbench MP.

Mr. Brown said he came to
terms with losing the general election “quite quickly”, realising it was the
“end of an era”.

Speaking to the BBC in
Uganda Sunday night after delivering a speech on development, Mr. Brown said
the experience of being ejected from Number 10 two months ago “was not

“It’s something you just
have to come to terms with and you have to come to terms with quite quickly,
because things in Britain move quite quickly indeed,” he said.

“When I walked away from
Downing Street, and we did it as a family, my two children and Sarah, I knew
that was the end of a particular era and I had to accept that, and you accept
it and then you move on and say, ‘Look, there are other things you can do that
can make a difference’.”

“I think we dealt with the global financial
crisis and therefore the economy as well as we could,” Mr Brown said.


Gordon Brown