Neighbourhood Watch in Eastern Districts

The Eastern Districts are ramping
up to implement a new Neighbourhood Watch programme.

The programme starts at Pease Bay
and extends most of the way to East End. It is the result of a number of
citizens deciding to join hands with their neighbours to make their communities
safer. With the assistance of Cayman Crime Stoppers and the RCIP Neighbourhood
Policing Program and led by Shayne Howe of The Phoenix Group, the programme
will take effect this autumn in six defined zones, each with it’s own community
coordinator. It will be the mandate for Chris Narborough (Pease Bay), Tami and
Barry Scott (Frank Sound Road to Cottage), Jerome Ohayes (Midland Acres), Tony
Powell (Breakers), and Laurie Hawley (Frenchman’s Drive) to lead the way to
reduce crime, provide safer neighbourhoods and improve our living environments,
community spirit and support for one another

“This network of contacts will also
allow us to share general information with each other, such as activities
planned in the community, general concerns, and requests for improvements in
the neighbourhood such as improved street lighting, roadside cleanups and capital
projects. Keeping everyone better connected with the local RCIP beat officer,
Fran General, and understanding the services provided is another significant
goal of the group,” said Mr. Howe. The group, with the assistance of The
Phoenix Group’s Lend a Hand Program, will be going door to door in late August
or early September in the six zones to collect contact info for residents. The
objective is to compile a comprehensive database for communicating meeting
times and disseminating important information. Bright yellow signage, also
donated by The Phoenix Group, will be prominently displayed in all
participating zones. 


These yellow Neighborhood Watch signs are going up in the Eastern Districts.
Photo: Submitted