Hayward to Russia with $20 million

Tony Hayward, you’ve got your life back along
with $20 million dollars.

tone-deaf oil exec who mishandled the Gulf spill will step down in October and
be replaced by the guy who has been overseeing day-to-day cleanup – Robert Dudley.

will now become Moscow‘s newest headache because he’s been tapped to
serve on the board of the oil giant’s Russian venture TNK-BP.

BP is showing Hayward any love after his gaffe-prone response to the worst
environmental disaster in U.S. history was not immediately clear.

somebody on BP’s board of trustees wants to keep Hayward – who walked away with a
golden parachute worth $20 million – on the payroll.

a strange twist, Dudley once headed TNK-BP and had to hightail it out of Russia in
2008 after he ran afoul of authorities there.
Hayward became a public outrage piñata for saying, “I want my life
back,” and going yachting while the environmental disaster spiralled out
of control.

underwater well began spewing 60,000 barrels a day on 20 April when it was torn
open by a blast that killed 11 workers. The ruptured well was fitted with a
temporary cap on 15 July.


Exiting BP chief executive Tony Hayward, left, and the man who will replace him, Bob Dudley.
Photo: guardian.co.uk