Island Vet has new digs

Island Veterinary Services has
moved out of Eden and into paradise at their new location on Printer Way.

The veterinarians had continued to
operate out of the Eden Centre location after Hurricane Ivan, even as the
ruined complex began falling or was being torn down around them.

Finally, however, Island Veterinary
Services has the home it deserves; a new facility that is the only one of its
kind on-island.

“You can have the same
square-footage, but if your walls are in the wrong place or you have too many
rooms or too few rooms, it makes it kind of difficult,” said veterinarian
Elizabeth Broussard.

The new facility has three
examination rooms, a fully stocked pharmacy, an isolation ward, separate wards
for dogs and cats, an operating room, an oxygen therapy cage, two treatment
tables, a laboratory, and an X-ray facility.

The new amenities are a major
improvement over the old location, said Dr. Broussard.

“Here we have three examination
rooms, while there we only had one,” she said. “And we’ve actually got proper
wards for the animals, where before we only had sections. Now the cats don’t
have to hear the dogs barking, and the dogs get a little more room.”

Veterinarian Brenda Bush expects
that the in-house pharmacy is going to be especially valuable during hurricane
season, as it will ensure that the veterinarians have access to potentially
life-saving medicines, even when shipping overseas is interrupted.

The laboratory, where blood, faecal
and urinal samples can be tested, will also allow Island Veterinary Services to
receive results much faster than by having to send samples overseas for

The new facility is a relief to
loyal customers who have been waiting for the clinic to find a new home since

“We’ve got a lot of very good
clients who have just been with us for so long and they put up with the other
building,” said Dr. Broussard, explaining that the new facility makes it much
easier for the veterinarians to deliver the quality health care that their
clients have come to expect.