Divers get Into The Drink

A scuba diving show that highlights
Cayman’s undersea magic is now being networked across more than 20 million
homes throughout the United States and Canada.

Into The Drink  is described as ‘a
drinking show with a diving problem’ by host Nick Lucey, who was part of the
team filming the half-hour special in September last year.

“We’ve completed building season
one of the show, thirteen half-hour episodes. Destinations from season one
include Cayman Islands, Honduras, Turks & Caicos, Guadaloupe Island off the
coast of Mexico, which is known for its Great White sharks, Indonesia, Fiji, US
Virgin Islands and Costa Rica.

“Typically we feature a local
beverage, visit a local brewery, distillery or vine-yard, because divers go on
vacation and do more than just dive,” said Mr. Lucey.

While on Grand Cayman, the Into The
Drink team visited both the Tortuga Rum Cake factory and Seven Fathoms Rum.

“We’d heard a little about their
process and were especially interested in the fact that they age their rum in
barrels under the sea. So we were fortunate enough to be blindfolded and
brought to the bat cave, so to speak, to see where the rum ages in caves
underwater, which is pretty cool,” the new host said.

The team stayed in Sunset House, he
said, and in their ten days on island they also met up with Guy Harvey, ate at
his restaurant and visited other places, including Cobalt Coast and East End
locations. Memorably, the show also includes season one’s host, Aaron Faulls,
playing rugby with a Cayman women’s team, something that Lucey said caused
great mirth.

Hall of fame

Nick Lucey was editor of Scuba
Diving magazine for 15 years during which time he visited Cayman on many

“Grand Cayman is one of the places
that if there were a hall of fame for scuba diving, it would obviously be in
there. It’s just a well-established dive destination. If a diver hasn’t been
there, they’ve certainly heard about it and it’s on their wish list.

“Unfortunately, we weren’t able to
get over to the Sister Islands, but hopefully we’ll do that in an-other
episode,” noted Mr. Lucey.

He added that the diving in Grand
Cayman was consistently good and although it may be more expensive than other
destinations, he felt you get what you pay for with a quality experience.

“The diving infrastructure is
well-established; the level of service you get in Grand Cayman [is great]. You
go to some destinations and you feel you may be the first diver they’ve ever
had to deal with, but in Grand Cayman they’re very well used to dealing with
divers and know how to treat a diver.

“It’s a safe destination, a
consistent experience and well worth it,” said the presenter.

There are 13 half-hour episodes in
season one of the show, including dive destinations in Fiji, Costa Rica and the
Caribbean. The show is syndicated on four major networks, including HD Net,
which includes Dish Network and Direct TV among others. The episodes may be
available online later in the year, according to the show’s producers, Liquid
Assets TV.


The TV team went diving in Cayman.
Photo: File