Bank boosted Dragons

Cayman National Bank is well known
for being a strong supporter of sports in the Cayman Islands and its most
recent recipient of monetary and material resources was the Purple Dragon
School of Karate. 

Cayman National recently presented
a cheque to the school to help towards travel expenses for the team to attend
the World Karate Championships in Trinidad earlier this month. The bank also
provided each team member with travel backpacks for the event. The 23-member
team put on an outstanding performance, bringing home 25 medals including nine

Sensei Geddes Hislop, the senior
instructor, said: “The backpacks were received with enthusiasm by members of
the Cayman team. This support from Cayman National certainly boosted confidence
and pride in the students knowing that the community was behind them and acknowledged
their preparations and hard work to represent their country.  The team also made a hit at the competition
in their distinguishing blue track suits with matching Cayman National
backpacks. The backpacks themselves were a highly sought after item as
competitors from various countries exchanged team paraphernalia as gestures of
goodwill and camaraderie.”

Bank Marketing Manager Shari
Whittaker said: “Cayman National is an active and committed member in the
community we serve and we are pleased to be able to support such initiatives
that develop the talents of our youth. 
We are very proud of the Purple Dragon Karate team for their superb
performance at the World Championships.”