Bronze against Colombia’s top pros

Cayman Squash won a bronze medal at
the Central American and Caribbean Games earlier this week. The men’s doubles
pairing of Myron Blair and Alex Frazer beat Guyana in straight games in the
quarter-finals. They eventually lost to silver medallists Colombia in the

Cayman took a team of four athletes
to the event in Bogota, Colombia due to Puerto Rico not having adequate squash
facilities to host the event.

As well as the men’s doubles Cayman
also had Marlene West and Cameron Stafford in the mixed doubles. In their
quarter-final match they came up against top seeds and eventual gold medalists
Mexico. Cayman won the first game easily, but Mexico’s team is made up of two
professional squash players, and they were able to adjust their game and
eventually beat Cayman in three.

Cayman’s coach Dan Kneipp said: “I
couldn’t be prouder of our team. They performed incredibly well. We knew if we
played well we could expect to come home with a medal and all of the hard work
and training has paid off. There’s a lot of people that helped us achieve this
results and I’d like to personally thank Brendan Touhey, our fitness coach, and
Janet Sairsingh, the team manager.

“Our men did incredibly well to win
a bronze. In the mixed doubles Marlene and Cameron were unlucky not to win a
medal. I spoke to the Mexican team after they won their gold medal. They were
quick to confirm that Cayman were the strongest team they played, and this was
obvious as we were the only team that took a game off them.

“The Mexicans are made up of the
world No10 and the world No33. We were unlucky that we got Mexico in the first
round, but that’s the nature of sport. You get some good draws and you get some
bad ones. Cayman played incredibly well in this tournament. The main focus of
our training is the Commonwealth Games in October now and we knew the CAC Games
would be a good indication of how everything is going.”