Goat auctions are not kidding

Local farmers need to keep a
watchful eye on their livestock or else the Department of Agriculture could put
them up for auction.

On 29 July the department attempted
to hold an impromptu auction for a doeling Boer cross goat. It was uneventful
as no one showed up to make a bid for the brown and white kid, which appeared
to be several months old.

Provisions are in the Animal Law
(2003 Revision) for the auction of impounded animals, in particular section 63.
Proceeds from the sale are slated “to be paid to the Treasury for the account
of the general revenue.”

On hand for last Thursday’s
attempted auction were a licensed auctioneer and Department of Agriculture
Veterinary Officer Kanyuira Gikonyo. Mr. Gikonyo gave details on the build-up
to the auction.

“The animal was impounded because
it was found to be stray on Will T. Drive in Lower Valley,” Mr. Gikonyo said.
“We held the animal for the minimum four days so that the owner could collect
it. Since it was not claimed, we decided to auction it. To do the auction, a
licensed auctioneer was brought in.

“The auction is strictly for
livestock, including horses, cattle, goats and any similar farm animal. The auction
serves as a means of controlling livestock in general.”

Mr. Gikonyo said a number of
additional steps are taken by the department to get the animal ready for
auction. From tagging to medication, procedures are in place to present a
pristine animal.

“We usually tag stray animals we
find, and we did so in this case as we could not identify the goat initially.
Tagging is important because if we found a tag on this goat we could have
notified the owner. In addition, like with any stray animal we collect, the
goat was de-wormed and deloused. It’s not part of the law, but it’s something
that we do. That way the animal is treated for external and internal parasites
and left in the best possible condition.”

Since the auction was unsuccessful,
the goat is scheduled to be slaughtered and subsequently donated in the form of
goat meat to a charitable organization, such as The Pines retirement


This goat was put up at auction last week, but no one bid on the animal.
Photo: Matthew Yates


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