Wind farm mast going up in East End

Central Planning Authority has granted permission for a
250-foot tall weather station antenna to be erected in East End to monitor if
the site is suitable for a wind farm.

The antenna will be put up on a
16-acre site off Farm Road, according to the minutes of a planning meeting held
on 23 June.

BCHR Ltd., which represents
Renewable Energy Systems, a company that is looking into the possibility of building
a wind farm at the site, has a three-year contract with the owner of the land,
lawyer Daniel Priestley told the authority.

There were no objectors to the
planning application.

The proposed antenna must comply
with the lighting and marking requirements of International Civil Aviation
Organisation and its location will be added to the Cayman Islands Airports
Authority’s airport obstacle database.

The footing of the tower will be
eight feet below surface and will penetrate the East End water lens. The Central
Planning Authority was told that the Water Authority had no objection to the
tower being erected at the site.

Taylor Henderson, who appeared with
Mr. Priestley before the Central Planning Authority, assured its members that
the antenna was not a communications tower, but would only be used to study the
potential for wind energy.

According to the minutes of the
meeting, Mr. Henderson said: “Essentially, they are looking at the feasibility
of a wind energy project on the Island. They were asked to look at it by CUC.”

The Caribbean Utilities Company
began seeking expressions of interest from wind energy developers in July 2008
to develop and construct approximately 10 megaWatts of grid-connected wind

“As a result CUC received bids from
various developers who want to offer wind energy on Grand Cayman,” said Pat
Bynoe-Clarke of the utility company.

“As part of this ongoing venture,
it is expected that the wind developers will erect weather monitoring stations
in order to confirm the wind regime and wind energy capability for Grand
Cayman,” she added.

A 2003 study on the feasibility of
wind power in Cayman studied wind speed measurements taken over a year in the
High Rock area of East End – not far from Farm Road – and the high–elevation
area of North Side.


  1. I’m all for ‘development’ money coming in, especially when (look at the record foe such developments all over the world) nothing useful comes of it!

  2. At first I was optimistic about the whole sho-bang! But when I learnt that CUC is involved with the project, what a rude awakening that was! :o(

    When is our Government going to save us from monopolies and at least give CUC a competitor!

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