Deadly floods tear through Pakistan

least 1,500 people have been killed and 100,000 are at risk of disease due to
devastating floods that have hit Pakistan.

floodwaters that first hit Pakistan’s mountainous northwest over the weekend, have
now surged into the heartland swamping dozens of villages on the banks of
affected rivers in Punjab.

rains in the hard-hit northwest are adding to the calamity, threatening to
overwhelm a major dam –a development that would unleash a new torrent into the
already-devastated area.

large parts of Kot Addu an area of Punjab province, and the nearby Layyah area,
in the south of Punjab province, flooding was so high that only treetops and
the roofs of some buildings were visible in footage gathered by helicopter.

majority of those affected by the flooding live in Pakistan’s mountainous
northwest. Of the 3.2 million people estimated to be affected by the floods,
2.5 million live in the northwest, UNICEF spokesperson Marco Jimenez told

about 1,500 people have been killed in the flooding, the death toll could
worsen as the risk of disease increases, the World Health Organization warned.

Chaib, a spokesperson for the organisation warned that 100,000 people are at
risk of disease and in dire need of clean water.

residents of the affected areas have complained about the government’s
perceived lack of response, saying little or no help has arrived in many areas.


Victims cling to the top of a submerged house Tuesday.
Photo: Mail Online