Compass press release policy

A news or press release should be
typed, double-spaced, and on one side of the paper, please. If it is
handwritten, please print very clearly. You don’t have to write like a pro –
your story ultimately will be written by a reporter – but you can use some
professional guidelines to be sure your release is complete.

A news or press release should

Who – The person(s) or
organisation(s) the release is about.

What – The significant idea or
event involved.

When – The day, date, and time.

Where – The place and street
address where the event will be held.

How – What you want the reader to
do: call, write, make reservations, etc.

Why – What is the significance or
importance of this news to the community?

Contact Person – Include the name,
address and phone number of the person submitting the news release.

Timing is important. The more lead
time we have, the better we can serve you. If you are dealing with something
more than a simple meeting announcement, two weeks is ideal. Sometimes editors
are able to see story possibilities beyond the basics and can develop
additional coverage.

When you make a contact, try to
deal with only one person. If you are uncertain about who to contact, call
949-5111. Our customer service staff will be able to direct you to the proper
person. Direct your information to that person or the reporter to whom you have
been referred. Multiple copies of a news release can cause confusion and

Please try to keep news releases to
500 words or less. All press releases are subject to rewrite by Cayman Free
Press staff and their inclusion in the newspaper is at the discretion of the
editor. You may include photographs, but there is no guarantee they will run
with the article. If including a photograph, ensure that everyone in the
picture is identified with first and last names and any accompanying official

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