Letters to the Editor: Woman in the mirror

Every day I see that ever presence
that I am in contact with on a daily basis. The first being that I met when I
made my grand entrance into this world and will undoubtedly be the last before
I make my exit. 

I often wonder about her and the
respect that I should show her. Those legs take me everywhere that I go. Those
hands bring sustenance to my mouth and those eyes guide me. Why is it that all
I can see are the veins, aging spots and crow’s feet? Why can’t I see that
beautiful being and celebrate her? 

In today’s hustle and bustle world,
we women take care of everyone except ourselves. We wake up exhausted every
day. We look in the mirror and the flaws; all magnified by the sleepless night,
stand out like sore thumbs. We throw on clothes and off we go to face the
world. We bound into work to be met by a compliment that we find an excuse for.
A simple “you look nice” ignites all sorts of suspicion. We finish our tasks
and rush back home to do it all over again the next day.

Today I challenge you to wake up
feeling refreshed. As you open your eyes tell yourself, I embrace this
beautiful day. Look in the mirror and say “Hello beautiful” and smile. As those
lines come into view, remember that they represent all that you have been and all
that you will be. Because today you get to spend another day on this Earth with
the people you love so count your blessings, lines and all. 

Breathe and take a moment for you.
Thank God that you are here. Take a moment as you decide what this gorgeous
goddess will wear to enhance those breasts that are not like they were but are
exactly as they are and those legs that take you everywhere. Dab on perfume in
those spots that you can get a whiff of during your day and head out into the
world. Walk into work and when someone says you look nice, believe it because
you do. Honour your very best friend because she will be there forever. Because
you are her and she is you.

And tell me, how your week is going
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