Brewery expands lineup

The Cayman Islands Brewery produced
its first canning run of Ironshore Bock last week. The dark beer, which was
introduced some six months ago, has only been available in draft format up to
this point.

According to James Mansfield,
commercial manager at Cayman Islands Brewery, the decision was made to
fast-track the launch of Ironshore Bock in cans. The usual interval between the
launch of a draft and the launch of cans is around 12 months, but the
popularity of the beer prompted the brewery to push up the schedule.

“We found people were coming in and
buying the small kegs for home, but they wanted the cans to take to the beach
or to parties so that’s why we accelerated the whole project to put it into
cans,” said Mr. Mansfield.

The beer, a darker, stronger brew
than Caybrew, has gained a loyal following among local beer drinkers.

“The beer market is down so it’s
nice to know that we’ve got a brand that will stick in the local market,” said
Mr. Mansfield.

The success of the product locally
reflects the trend in the US beer market towards craft beers with different

“This is one of the things about
the brand that is pleasing for us too, to have come out with something that’s
become very popular very quickly,” said Mr. Mansfield.

Ironshore Bock, an amber beer, is
made with speciality hops from the Cascade Mountains in Washington State to
give it a unique aftertaste. A combination of three malts also adds to the
flavour and colour of the beer. The brewing process takes about 10 days longer
than Caybrew, which means that the price for Ironshore Bock cans will be somewhat
higher than that
of Caybrew.


The first run of Ironshore Bock cans roll of the line.
Photo: Eugene Bonthuys

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