Trini anxious to subdue warriors

Matthew Yates

After years of being the hunter,
the Wolves basketball team hope to cap off a campaign this week in which they
were the hunted.

The side takes on the Dominos
Warriors in the championship series in division one of the Cayman Islands
Basketball Association’s national men’s league. The multipurpose hall at the
University College of the Cayman Islands hosts’ game two on Tuesday 10 August
and game three on Thursday 12 August, both are at 7pm.

As Wolves head coach Duran ‘Trini’
Whittaker states it has been an interesting transition for his team.

“We’re in all the way, as you know,
when it comes to basketball,” Whittaker said. “We’re very confident and we have
a good chance to win. A lot of teams were gunning for us this year. But it’s
not a sprint, it’s a marathon because it’s about who can last. We have a more
complete team from last year with a good mix of young and older guys to go with
our solid core.

“We’re an aggressive team and I
remember the way it was when George Town were champs. Teams are coming at us
now with the mindset to beat us and at the end of the day it comes with
territory of being the champion.”

The Wolves won their first national
title last year outdoors at the basketball association court off Eastern
Avenue. Dwight O’Garro emerged the undisputed star then and this year with the
shift indoors O’Garro remains a fixture. Yet Whittaker states beating Dominos
is not about the big man.

“Playing the Warriors we know
rebounding is a big issue. Everyone on the team has assignments and we don’t
want their big men getting to the glass. At the same time we have to be aware
of Collin Anglin, Jerome Narcissee and Antonio Thompson as they are the primary