Sporting kids will help Haiti

Several employees from the
Butterfieldgroup have joined forces with Haven Partnership to raise money for a
relief trip to Haiti in late October or early November.

Thomas Elliot of the bank said he
and his colleague Gonzalo McLaughlin became acquainted with the programme after
being informed about Haven’s endeavours by Butterfieldgroup Managing Director
Conor O’Deay, who knew of the group and suggested that its mission might be a
good one for those seeking to make a civic contribution.

Part of the Haven Partnership
approach is that funds are raised and then put to practical use by those
particular volunteers.

According to Mr. Elliot, “Several
ideas to raise funds were tossed around until it was decided that an event,
which allowed children the opportunity to play and run free, was probably the
best option. We thought about having a football camp, but there are so many of
those; we decided to add some other sports.”
Mr. Elliot said the other sports children would be playing to raise funds for
Haiti would be basketball and Gaelic soccer. He surmised that the latter might
be a great way of appealing to the Irish community on the Island and getting
that segment of the community to support the cause.

“Gaelic soccer is like the soccer
we all know, only there are some variations on the rules; you can use your
hands and score three points at once, in addition to the regular one point
goal. It is also good because the organisation we are working with for this
cause is an Irish one,” he said, adding that the event would be called Sports
for Kids: Save Haiti.

Mr. Elliott also made it clear that
the initiative is not sponsored by the Butterfieldgroup, but that it was a
simple matter of the bank’s employees having an opportunity and wanting to do
something to assist the people of Haiti.

In total, roughly eight employees
of the bank are planning to make the trip, though Mr. Elliot explained this
could change as more people learn of the endeavour. He added that there was
also the possibility of other companies or organisations getting involved.  

With regard to how persons can take
part in the fund raising activities, which are slated to take place at Camana
Bay between 14 and 21 August from 9am to noon, Mr. Elliot said interested individuals
should contact him on 325-1679 or Gonzalo McLaughlin on 925-9977 or e-mail [email protected]
for registration forms.

The cost of participation in the
programme is $25 per session for each child and registration will be available
on site.


  1. Why doesn’t Butterfield set up fund raising activities for relief right here in the Cayman Islands. Billions of dollars were raised for Haiti in international relief efforts and most of it has gone where the rest of the country’s wealth went. Into the pockets of the greedy politicians. Why should this little island send our hard fought for dollars to anohter island nation? What happens when we suffer devastation of our own.

  2. Beach Boy,
    Although Cayman maybe suffering from a economic crisis it is nothing to the extreme poverty Haitians suffered from even before an earthquake destroyed their poorly constructed homes and intensified their misery.
    Also, Mr. Elliot specified that the initiative was not sponsored by Butterfield Bank. And to answer your final question, if the Caymans did suffer a disaster, I believe that the international community would respond with similar efforts like the one mentioned above.

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