Editorial for August 17: Lending a hand to neighbours

As many problems as the Cayman
Islands face – high prices, slow economy, – there is one given about us that
will always be true.

We are a caring, giving and loving
people who, when faced with adversity, pull together and do the right thing.

We’re doing it again for our
neighbours in the Caribbean region by signing a memorandum of understanding
with the United Kingdom that allows our Red Cross to be the storing centre for
regional disaster supplies.

The RFA Wave Ruler was in George
Town’s harbour yesterday morning picking up some of those supplies to keep them
onboard and disperse them when needed.

The good news for Cayman is that if
we are unfortunate enough to have a bad hurricane this season, we will have
immediate access to disaster supplies and won’t have to wait on the arrival of
the Wave Ruler to assist with that arm of its mission.

These disaster kits can be used in
an island-wide emergency or in the needs of individuals should disaster strike
a family.

The agreement with the UK is for
one year, but it is hoped that our Red Cross will do such an awesome job of
managing the supplies that the agreement will be extended. We know the Red
Cross will perform admirably.

The visit from the Wave Ruler isn’t
the first to the Cayman Islands.

The shipped helped out sister
island Cayman Brac in 2088 when Hurricane Paloma devastated that Island in
November taking much needed supplies and support.

We hope that future visits from the
Wave Ruler to the Cayman Islands will be like the one over this past weekend –
one of picking up supplies and fine dining with our top officials, not one of
helping us get through a disaster.

But it is a comfort to know that
the ship and her crew are in our waters and close at hand if we do need any
type of disaster assistance. And it is nice to be in a position to help our regional

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