Cayman BA flight delayed in Bahamas

A British Airways flight
which departed George Town, Grand Cayman
Wednesday evening was unexpectedly delayed in the Bahamas
overnight due to an unidentified technical problem.

Passengers on board the
scheduled Nassau to London flight (BA #252) were told by the pilot that there
had been an ‘indication’ shortly after landing in Nassau Wednesday night.

According to those on
board the flight, passengers were told to get off the aircraft and collect their
luggage. After some period of confusion at the airport, a bus shuttled roughly
100 people to a hotel room for the overnight stay.

Thursday morning,
passengers on board the flight were told the aircraft had ‘developed a technical
fault that took BA engineers some time to repair’. They were told the departure
of the BA flight to Heathrow Airport could be delayed until 6pm

BA spokesman John Lampl later told the Caymanian Compass that a hydraulic problem was detected following the aircraft’s arrival in Nassau.

“The engineers were trying to diagnose the problem but it was
taking a long time, so the decision was made to make a night stop in Nassau,” Mr. Lampl
said. “All the passengers were taken to a hotel and the plane is
now scheduled to leave at 6pm Nassau time.”

“We regret the situation but these measures were taken for
safety and security reasons, and the plane is now 100 per cent ready to


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