Shedden Road Esso robbed

The Esso service station at the intersection of Shedden Road and Thomas Russell Way in George Town is the latest business to fall victim to an armed robbery in Grand Cayman.

Royal Cayman Islands Police said a lone gunman entered the Esso store around 10.25pm Wednesday, carrying what appeared to be a handgun. 

According to RCIPS Inspector Daniel Lee, the man threatened store employees and ordered them to put cash in a bag he was carrying. 

The suspect made off with an unknown amount of money and was last spotted heading toward Printer’s Way.

No shots were fired and no one was hurt. 

The suspect was described as about 5’9″ with a dark brown complexion wearing a brown t-shirt, black shorts, black shoes, dark glasses and a black cap. 

Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to call George Town Police at 949-4222 or Crime Stoppers at 800-8477.


  1. I can see it now!

    911: All units report to an arm robbery in progress at the Shedden Road Esso. One man armed with a gun!

    Nearest officer to the scene says to himself: I’ll just slow down and park off behind Fosters until it is all over. Or I’ll wait for the arm unit in West Bay to respond first to the scene.

    Meanwhile Commissioner Baines in a meeting: Our police officers are doing a fine job not being arm with firearms. You see the psychology would be if we arm ourselves they will arm themselves too. Hopefully, this is just a crime wave that will pass away. I will be requesting from the LA more officers from the UK soon.


    Sir, with all due respect, I sincerely believe these crooks take you and your officers for a joke! In terms of job performance and morale, how can your officers do their jobs effectively when you refuse to properly equip them and allow a sufficient number of them to go on patrols without firearms???

    You against homeowners bearing arms to protect themselves and family! I am one of the many who have no interest in your public meetings.

  2. Okay so when is enough, enough, it sounds like the island is under seige by gun toting thugs with zero respect for law enforcement.

    Not to mention, it’s just a matter of time before innocent by-standers get caught in the crossfire.

    Time to take a different approach as the status quo does not work anymore, we must in some way beef-up protection.

    Moreover, armed police, gates, camera survelience, paid informants, longer prison terms, community watch organizations,deterrents and a passionate response by all citizens to report crime by anyone.

    Time for real leadership to get a handle on this, at least in the short term to subdue this frenzy before it’s too late.

    You can decide for yourself what too late means, but I promise it will negatively affect everyone if we don’t act now!

    I love this island and every time a read about a crime taking place I wonder how much the long term effect on prosperity and quality of life diminishes.

  3. These crooks don’t worry about police, and if he’s Caymanian they don’t give a (expletive). because these officer are from the community, so they’re less threating.

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