War on weight begins next week

Ten contestants begin their war on
weight next week as part of the Cayman Heart Fund’s annual competition to find
the Islands’ biggest loser.

The competition starts on Tuesday,
but there is an official kick-off party for contestants, sponsors and
supporters on Thursday, 19 August at Full of Beans in Pasadora Place.

This year’s contestants are Joan
Christian, Maggie Buchanan, Simone Brown, Leigh Campbell, Carmen Bell,
Claudette Warren, Glenda Dilbert-Davis, Hannah Martinez, Robert Jamieson and
Penni Bell.

War on Weight Committee member
Joanna Lewis said all the contestants would have medical checks and blood tests
prior to beginning their 16-week exercise and weight-loss programme.

“They’ll be taking part in all
kinds of different activities, like spinning and yoga, throughout the programme,”
Ms Lewis said.

“The kick-off party on Thursday
[was] an opportunity for all the 10 contestants to meet each other. We encourage
them to all work out together and help motivate each other,” she said.

This is the third year the Cayman
Heart Fund has held the contest.

The contestants will take part in
an hour of group exercise five times a week, have biweekly visits with a team of
medical professionals to ensure any weight loss is safe and consistent, and
follow a strict nutritional plan laid out by a registered dietician.

Each contestant will have access to
more than $2,000 worth of expert advice and training throughout the four-month

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