High jumping bull injures dozens

Forty people, including a
10-year-old, were injured when a bull leapt over barriers at a Spanish bullring
and ran amok among spectators.

The child was reported to be in
intensive care with abdominal injuries at a Pamplona hospital and three people
were in the emergency ward after being trampled when the bull escaped the ring
in Tafalla, northern Spain.

Video footage showed the bull
landing in the stands among hundreds of spectators after jumping high enough to
clear both the 5 feet barriers around the ring and a narrow alley where the
bullfighters and officials stand.

Some spectators tried to keep the
bull still by holding it by its tail, while others hurled capes and missiles,
causing it to charge. The bull was eventually cornered and a rope tied around
its neck.

The incident happened during an
event in which people try to provoke the bull to charge them.

The bull had already jumped twice
into the alley surrounding the ring, police said. After damaging a horn, it was
about to be returned to the corral when it escaped.

The accident comes amid an intense
debate in Spain about bullfighting, which was banned by the north-eastern
region of Catalonia last month.

About a dozen people have died at
bull festivals in the past two years. The latest victim was gored to death
earlier this month during a bull-dodging event in Godella, eastern Spain.


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