Jamaica has something to brag about

Jamaica is the top-ranked Caribbean
nation to live in terms of education, health, quality of life, economic
competitiveness, and political environment, according to Newsweek magazine.

Assisted by experts including Nobel
Prize-winning economist Joseph E Stiglitz, the magazine compiled metrics across
those five categories, which ranked the island 47th, three places above Cuba,
among 100 countries surveyed.

Newsweek’s first-ever Best
Countries special issue attempted to answer the question, “…if you were
born today, which country would provide you the very best opportunity to live a
healthy, safe, reasonably prosperous, and upwardly mobile life?”

The survey will be welcome news for
tourism authorities who have been struggling to rebuild Jamaica’s image
following the civil unrest in West Kingston in May. During this time some
hotels in the capital reported that occupancy had fallen to zero levels.

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