Singles should mingle

Generations ago, the job of raising
kids on your own is still a tough one. After all, single parents must carry out
all of the parenting roles… from provider to nurturer and all else in
between. And that leaves little time for a social life.

Yet, according to family life
instructor Jodi Pemberton, there is no one who more needs a network of family
and friends than the single parent. “It’s easy for a single parent to get
themselves into a bubble,” explains Ms Pemberton. “Between work and quality
time with the kids, a single parent has little time left to go out with
friends, so they don’t network and get the support system that they need.”

Ms Pemberton adds that “single
parent families are family units within themselves. So getting out there and
being with other families is absolutely crucial.”

She suggests that another secret to
successful single parenting is rewarding yourself for devotion to the task.
“Try to reward yourself every day.

Do something good for yourself,
like a long hot bath, a chocolate or 10 minutes of meditation. Rewarding
yourself is very important.”

Single parents also need to take
good care of their limited finances. 

“I think as a single parent there
is potential for living comfortably, but you’re going to have to have extremely
good control over your financial situation,” said senior tax manager Cynthia
Santin. “You’re going to have to make a financial plan and budget, and compare
your actual expenditures to your budget,” said Ms Santin.

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