Avengerz are coming up fast

Women’s flag football outfit
Appleby Avengerz are still finding their way in Cayman’s Domino’s Pizza League
but just like their main sponsors they have some tasty moves to make your mouth
water. With some of the fastest sprinters in the league, the newcomers are
using their debut season to learn the basics before, hopefully challenging for
top spot next term.

Inexperienced Appleby started the
season as one of the underdogs, but have come back and proven ourselves. Coach
James ‘Cadillac’ Collins said: “We are a force to be reckoned with considering
we are a new team. We have experienced many challenges and overcome many
adversities, but these have brought us closer as a team. We have learned to
play together as a team and hope to be able to continue to grow on our
strengths to make it to the playoffs.

“We do have some senior members who
have played in the past on other teams; but we also have several newcomers who
have never played before.  The coaches
are old pros to the league and play on teams themselves. Overall we have a good
balance of knowledge and ‘greenness’ to make for fun experiences.

“It’s not fair to pinpoint one
individual they have worked hard.  As a
team we have grown and developed together. 
Each player is important to the team; no matter how big or small the
role. Together we stand, together we fall, and together we shall conquer.”

The team is known for its playful
attitude but they also have a strong work ethic too. “We work hard, keep our
minds on the game and strive to be the best,” added Collins. “If this team
stays together and we add a few more pieces to the puzzle we will compete for
the championship next year. The season is not over and the best is yet to come
however watching the team win their first game was a great.”

Collins does not have high
expectations for the Avengerz considering they are still finding their rhythm.
“Like every team we would like to finish first. As long as we know we did our
best and fought the good fight, I think we will be grateful for wherever we
finish. On that note though, we won’t go down without a fight!”

He added: “The players and coaches
would like to thank Appleby for the sponsorship of the team and special thanks
goes out to Ashley O’Neill (team manager and player) for her hard work and
dedication to the team.”

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