Guy Harvey receives panama’s highest honour

Renowned local artist and marine
scientist Guy Harvey has received Panama’s highest honour given to foreigners.
Mr. Harvey received the Vasco Nunez de Balboa Grand Officer Order for his work
to preserve and publicise Panama’s marine resources. The awarded was presented
earlier this month by Minister of Tourism Salomon Shamah.

“Dr. Guy Harvey has always been a
loyal advocate and ambassador of Panama, everywhere hailing the efforts
necessary for the preservation of the marine fauna of the Panamanian State,”
said Mr. Shamah.

He listed the work Mr. Harvey had
done in Panama, including the tagging and satellite tracking of various
species, as well as creating artwork representing the country. Mr. Harvey also
brought out a book recently, titled Panama Paradise: A tribute to Tropic Star

Mr. Harvey said he was very
honoured by the award.

“I was very humbled by all of what
he said and I had to take a deep breath as I turned to receive the Vasco Nunez
de Balboa Grand Cross around my neck, the silver star on my left chest and then
was handed the decree, signed by the president and vice president,” said Mr. Harvey.

He thanked the government and
people on Panama for their hospitality and the great honour bestowed on him, as
well as thanking the owners and staff of Tropic Star Lodge, which had inspired
many of his works.

“We toasted the president and the
country of Panama, and then everyone came up to shake my hand. It was a huge moment
in my life to be honoured in this manner by another country,” said Mr. Harvey.


Jessica Harvey and Guy Harvey at the awards ceremony.
Photo: Submitted

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