Letters to the Editor: Keep businesses in Cayman

As we look to the future for a
better way forward, I cannot help noticing the headlines in our local paper
that tell the public about the many different companies that are closing their
doors and going away from Cayman.
Also, the amount of cruise ship stops that will not take place next season, but
what got me to write this piece was the first elected member for Bodden Town
was plastered all over the front page of the papers on Monday, 23 August, 2010,
stating his case about what he intends to make happen to companies here in
Grand Cayman, well this elected member could have enough manners to at least
answer the question that was asked  of
him about the Coe Wood Beach monument instead of hiding from the question that
was asked; no he wants to try his very best to help and run away more companies
from Cayman by putting pressure on them. Doesn’t the minister know that the
same companies that he is trying to put this pressure on is also having a hard
time. What does he think will happen if he or any other one in Government was
to target this company so hard that many of them instead of bending to their
pressure closes their doors and leaves Cayman?

Many people will be out of work.
Are the so called leaders so blind that they do not see what is going on or do
they even care? People of little vision, you are killing the goose that is
laying the golden eggs. Many years have gone by with a lot of lip service by
many elected members put into the LA but still we have no place for the cruise
ships to dock.

Now because of this many ships will
cross us by in the future. Already many ships have stopped coming here as
always here in Cayman one set of politicians build up and the other tears down.
That is the real reason all of the things the Island really needs is always
pushed aside and we the people never see our Islands move forward like it

Billions come to our shores,
hundreds of millions are spent on people telling our government what to do and
how to do it but never anything good to benefit our people; just to rip off our
very educated leaders who hire them and help to take us nowhere but down.

Mr. Scotland try and pay a little
attention to the needs of Bodden Town who put you where you are and while you
are at it, help put in place our well needed boat ramp and dock that has been
promised to the people of Bodden Town from 1982 and also try to help stop the
companies from leaving.

To all the companies on Grand
Cayman that are affected by this hard downturn and high fees, please do not
fold up and relocate. Please try and stick it out if you can. For we the people
of the Cayman Islands know what you are facing day to day. All Caymanians that
can open a little small business please try and do so. That way we will not
depend on the large companies so much for income. We must try harder to help
ourselves more.

Emile S. Levy


  1. And inevitably anything that causes a business to leave Cayman, especially by roll-over or immigration issues, means Caymanians employed by that business lose their jobs.

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