PWC’s hits add up well

The Fall 2010 adult co-ed softball
season is in its infancy but one company is hitting the competition well.
PriceWaterhouseCoopers has two unbeaten teams in the competition.

Its B league and C league squads
have won its first two games in convincing fashion at the Field of Dreams in
George Town. In the B1 division PWC B top the table thanks to the likes of
veterans Brian Rando and Justin Miller. Meanwhile captain Johan Bruwer and the
PWC Scorpions have enjoyed 8-6 and 22-11 victories.

PWC is not the only company to lead
off the season on a good note. A.L. Thompson’s Hammers and Home Gas are
unbeaten in the A league. Even though they are not unbeaten Deloitte and Touche
deserve props as Team Deloitte tops the B2 division at 1-1 thanks to the
league’s most prolific offense – the side has scored a league-high 39 runs.

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