Sleep weight loss go hand- in- hand

Rest and relaxation are essential
to a balanced lifestyle and healthy body, and now, so experts tell us, they are
essential for weight loss. 

With sleep apnea on the increase,
often in association with a weight-related condition, one must consider the
relationship between adequate rest and weight loss.

You may have read recent reports
and opinions about the fat-generating stress hormones, cortisol in particular,
that experts say is related to weight gain. 

Apparently, prolonged and chronic
stress keeps the levels of fat-producing hormones high in our bodies, therefore
adding to our fat stores.

These are good reasons for adding
rest and relaxation to your weight loss programme. Significant results could
begin to happen with something as easy as getting more rest.

Here are some lifestyle tips to
improve the quality of your sleep, general energy as well as weight loss.

Develop a healthy routine for
sleep, going to bed early enough to get adequate rest. Most of us need an
average of eight hours of sleep each night.

Avoid watching television for an
hour or two before bed; for some people, the flashing images make an impression
on the mind that keeps it busy and active. 

Reduce sugar, high-fat foods,
caffeine and alcohol in evening hours, especially just before going to

Get up before the sun. This is an
authentic belief held in many countries, including India, that people who get
up before sunrise will have more energy during the day. 

Keep up a healthy activity routine
to eliminate stress and tension; reduce stress-hormones by taking a walk daily.

Eat well during the day so that
your body is well-nourished and not hungry at night. 

Eliminate night-time worry habits
by taking time to mentally unwind. Make a list of “things to do tomorrow” if
you find it helps and then put the list away till morning… now, relax.

Taking time to relax and getting
enough sleep may be essential to weight loss; it certainly is essential to good
health and enjoying life. 

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