Cruise from Cuba to Cayman

Grand Cayman is on the itinerary of
a new cruise itinerary originating in Havana.

Starting on 13 November, the
Treasures of the Caribbean cruise will leave every Saturday from the Cuban
capital, and its stops include Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Paraiso Island in
Cuba before returning to its home. The route is in operation until May 2011.

The ship to be used is the
800-passenger M/V Gemini. The route is run by Happy Cruises, a division of
Quail Travel Group, which was founded by three Spanish professionals. They are
former minister of trade and tourism and Chairman of Spain’s Chamber of
Commerce Javier Gómez Navarro; Angel Nemesio Prieto; and Antonio Fernández, who
is the general director of Corporación Ahorro. One of the major shareholders is
CVC, a Brazilian tour company.

Currently, foreign-owned vessels
cannot dock in the United States for six months after visiting Cuba and
American companies are banned from operating cruises there under the terms of
the long-standing embargo, originally enforced by the States in 1960.

The route is in operation until May

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