No cure for… Disco

Time to dust off the disco duds –
the last Friday of the month has rolled around again and its time for Disco

What’s Hot magazine has joined
forces with The Wharf Restaurant and Bar, Vibe 98.9 FM and Progressive
Distributors to bring about Disco Fever and reward you for staying alive and
making it to the last Friday of the month. TGIF indeed.

If you are looking for a night of
disco classics you should, as KC and the Sunshine Band said, shake your booty
down to The Wharf Restaurant and bar tonight for the longest running disco
party in the Cayman Islands. Sequin-bedecked white lounge suits are optional,
but more than welcome, as are over the top ‘70s hairstyles. And don’t forget
the shoes either. However, on most Disco Fever nights, those grooving on the
dance floor tend to look more like regular people out for a fun time than
extras from Saturday Night Fever.

The night doesn’t only belong to
those who can reminisce about the ‘70s as disco remains some of the best dance
music ever for those looking to get down tonight. The regular crowd ranges from
20-somethings whose only memories of the ‘70s come from movie reruns to those
who can look back to a time when getting down didn’t require help getting back
up again.

The party has grown in stature
since The Wharf first started hosting an all ‘70s disco party some six years
ago. Although the party has been around for what seems like forever, it remains
a crowd-pleasing favourite on the Cayman social scene.

Ben Maxwell of Vibe 98.9 is the man
behind the decks and spins old school disco favourites all night long.

“I’ve got Disco Fever and the only
cure is The Wharf on the last Friday of the month. No flash in the pan, they’ve
been doing a ‘70s disco dance party for nearly six years and it just keeps
getting better. I’ve loved being the DJ there for almost two years so I know
what the people want to hear and as always, I take requests,” said Ben.

The success of the event relies
heavily on the venue, which is ideally suited to hosting the party.

“Along with Ultimate ‘80s, The
Wharf carries with it a unique ability to carry out era themed dance parties
for everyone. In the coming months we plan on doing some giveaways for best dressed
‘70s attire, best disco dancing couple and craziest 70s-era hairstyles. Prizes
include tickets on Cayman Airways, and more,” said Ben.

According to Reno Mancini, manager
at The Wharf, the event has a rich history at the venue despite an updated branding
to ‘Disco Fever at the Wharf’. Happening on the last Friday of each and every
month, the party will continue to be a Cayman Islands tradition as it goes into
its sixth year.

With new partners on board, Disco
Fever promises to be bigger and better than ever.

“The reinvigoration of our old
school all ‘70s disco dance party night is part of the natural process. I’m
thrilled to have What’s Hot and Vibe 98.9 FM on board as partners, and Cayman
Distributors is on board with Red Stripe and Bacardi to give the disco fans a
stellar drink special so they can boogie down all the way to 2am,” said Reno.

The event has a wide fan base,
including local fashion designer and man of many talents Luigi Moxam.

“Ben Maxwell is by far one of the
most prolific professionals in the music industry here in Cayman. His extensive
knowledge of music and vibrant personality is what separates him from the other
DJs of this genre. I’m sure Disco Fever will be infectious and a huge hit
simply because Ben’s a beast with the tunes,” he said.

The party kicks off at 9.30pm, and
carries on until 2 the next morning so you can boogie down till just before

Of course, the 9.30pm start makes
it the perfect opportunity to catch dinner at The Wharf before dancing the rest
of the night away under the stars. With more than enough space under cover as
well, you can’t stop the music and the party carries on, rain or shine.

There is no cover charge and the
will feature 3-4-5 drinks specials – $3 beer,
$4 shots and $5 mixed well drinks –
to keep you fuelled up for dancing the night away.
Accept no substitutes –
Disco Fever is here to stay.

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