BP to replace failed preventer

Thad Allen, incident commander for the massive
Gulf of Mexico oil spill, said BP would try to replace the failed preventer at
the deep water well this weekend.

The preventer, which is the subject of
a subpoena, could be removed by Tuesday, The (New Orleans0 Times-Picayune
reported Saturday.

It will be brought ashore and replaced
by a second preventer that is better able to handle the pressure expected to
build up when the well is filled with mud and cement in September as part of
the final capping phases.

BP gave up on trying to fish three
pieces of pipe from the preventer, two of them less than 14 feet long, but one
of them 3,500 feet long. Instead, as it lifts the preventer, the shorter pieces
will remain in place, while the longer pipe is cut away, the newspaper said.

A capping stack, which will also be
removed, will be placed on the sea floor near the well in case it is needed in
the event of a “low-probability, high-impact outcome” of capping the
well, Allen said, referring to a possible second oil leak.