Letters to the Editor: New thinking is refreshing

As Caymanians we often struggle to
reconcile the home and country we remember and the one we now find ourselves
struggling to be a part of daily.

Development is a double-edged
sword, as whilst it brings improvement in lifestyle, it often erodes the very
core of our cultural traditions and social norms.

The right to own property and the
right to protect and ensure it survivability and pass its value on to future
generation, like good and sound environmental management policies, is based in
the earnest engage of our communities. 

Human beings need shelter and as
our population grows more demand will be placed on its availability.

Ellio has raised a good idea and it
opens the door to more “out of the box” thinking by the people we elect. It is
this style of thinking that will make a difference; it is this style of
understanding that setting aside for the longer term does not equal to much if
the benefit of the longer term can never be realised by a majority of our population.

“Double dipping” for personal
benefit into public funds is not the way to gain respect and support of the
community. Allowing “out of the box thinking” is and “challenging for the right
reasons” our established mode of building for our future is.

It has become an inequity norm that
the Caymanian with property is subjected to so much red tape and bullying when
searching for an avenue to ensure their own property survivability that the
fast coming only alternative is a ghetto in multi-story apartment complexes in
ever increasing densely populated urban areas. We need to think more laterally
as we look to the future of land use on these Islands and find a middle ground
between the foreign capital supported mega developers with little interest in
the Caymanian ecstatic and the radical environmental lobby, gun shy of a midday

Perhaps, Ellio, you could spread
some out of box thinking to your other colleagues and we could all see some
hope building on the horizon to deal with the increase in crime, the shocking
rise in the cost of living; that all sectors of our society might benefit
equally in the short, medium and long term.

It is rocking load and crystal
clear that the Caymanian public, voting or otherwise is fed up and unhappy. The
goal is to ensure such large scale discontent does not fester and that more out
of the box thought and reasoning is encourage, embraced and championed by those
we elect!

Harris McCoy