Maples1 still top but CML within touching distance

With all teams playing on week days
and the weekends in order to keep the league on schedule, the AndroGroup Summer
Mixed touch series is quickly drawing to a close.


Genesis 5 Nations have fallen to
third place in Division 1 whilst PWC remain bottom of the table with only one
win. With PWC having forfeited their second fixture of the season against the 5
Nations – and with very few fixtures left in the season – it is unlikely that
PWC will bounce from the bottom of the table to overtake Ogier who were
hammered in week 8 by Appleby 10-3. Maples1 continue to dominate the league
although CML, with a highly experienced South African contingent, are following
closely in second.


Walkers Blue Iguanas continue to
dominate the second division and remain undefeated after eight weeks whilst
Campbells tumbled to seventh place in the standings after a string of losses
leave them with only a glimmer of hope to bounce back in the finals and earn
the silver wear which eluded them in 2009. Queensgate Grizz’s Old Fellas have
rebuilt their team and have managed some good results however some
infringements of the league rules have meant that hard fought wins became
forfeits to keep the men in women of the Old Fellas on the bottom of the table
with only one win after 8 weeks.


Trident Titans, like Walkers Blue
Iguanas in Division 2 remain undefeated after 8 games even with close calls
against KPMG2 and DART who both held Trident to 4-4 draws. GCM have fallen to
bottom of the table below Island Heritage who earned their first win of the
season against GCM and a close fought 4-4 draw against DART. PFS, who looked to
be the whipping boys of the league early in the season earned a win over Island
Heritage and a 2-2 draw with the Deloitte Un-Touche-Ables who remain only one
league spot above PFS in the league table.