All Stars looking to lick sixes

Dominos is working to gain more
notoriety in Cayman and this week the sport will hope to turn a few heads by
taking part in a competition abroad.

A Cayman select team is in Ontario, Canada
this weekend taking part in a series of exhibition matches. The games are
billed as an annual domino jamboree and are being hosted by Rising Stars Cultural
and Sports Club of Canada. The club is reportedly part of the Canada Domino
League, the country’s national dominos competition.

Cayman plays a US team, a
Canadian national squad and the Canadian Rising Stars club. The Cayman squad
features 15 players, most of who are on local team Island All Stars. Their
first game is on Friday 3 September against a local mixed team. From there
Cayman plays Saturday-Monday before returning home on Tuesday 7 September.

Derrick Elliott Senior is the
president of the Island All Stars domino club and the head of the Cayman
Islands Dominos Association. He states the upcoming matches are all about pushing
Cayman forward as a notable player in dominos.

“The Canadian Rising Stars invited
us awhile ago along with the other teams,” Elliott Snr said. “Jamaica was
also invited but they couldn’t field a team. It’s a club-style format where the
action focuses on clubs from the competing countries. You could say they’re
exhibition matches but we hope to take part some of the trophies and prizes
they have on offer. Ultimately we’re hoping the competition helps us in getting
more exposure in the dominos world.”

The last major tournament for
Cayman dominos and in turn the Island All Stars was back in March. Billed as
part of the International Council of Dominos Test series, Cayman players took
on Jamaica’s
Rite Stuff Sports Club. Though Cayman lost that series, a number of players
nabbed accolades in Derek Elliott Snr, Winston Welch, Oletta Elliott and
Neville Campbell.

Elliott Snr states a number of
other players are expected to do well this time around.

“We’ve been in training the last six
months all over the island playing a number of local clubs. I’m looking for a
lot of our most valuable players from the last tournament to step up including
Dwayne Jones, Daniel Smith and Marcia Myles. All of them have experience in the
sport and have been on a few travel teams in the past.”

In the last 12 months it has been
clear that the sport features a number of local teams. From Kelly’s All Stars
domino team in West Bay to Buttonwood domino club and team Merengue Town there’s nearly a dozen sides involved.
Elliott Snr is quick to say that once the Canada tour is over focus will
shift to Cayman’s national scene and developing local competitions.

“Very soon the local dominos
association should start a local tournament soon. We in the association want to
help improve the sport of dominos rise up on the local sports scene. We have
nine clubs signed up so we can start a local league. Eventually we would like
to form a national team that can travel regularly and represent Cayman.”