Online Poll: People giving less to charity

More than half of the 273
respondents to last week’s online poll said they are giving less
to charity than they used to, while only 13 per cent said they are now giving

Asked how much money they give to
charitable causes compared to previously, the largest segment of respondents –
96 people or 35.2 per cent – said they give about the same as they used to.
However, 51.6 of the respondents said they give less than they used to, with 82
people – 30 per cent – saying they give a lot less than before, and 59 people –
21.6 per cent – saying they give a little less than before.

Only 12 people – 4.4 per cent –
said they give a lot more than they used to, while 24 people – 8.8 per cent –
said they give a little more than previously.

The comments came mostly from those
giving a lot less.

“Living today is more challenging,”
said a respondent.

“I have not yet recovered
financially from Hurricane Ivan,” said another person.

“As an expat, I’ve been made to
feel unwanted, except when people want my money,” said someone else. “Sorry,
but you can’t have it both ways.”

A couple of people expressed
scepticism with charities.

“I trust none of them,” said one

“All charities are fake in Cayman,”
said another.

Next week’s poll question:

How confident are you in the health
care provided by Cayman’s Health Service Authority?

Extremely confident

Somewhat confident

Not too confident

Not confident at all

I don’t know

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