LeBron lawsuit

Last week Miami Heat star LeBron
James asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit by a man alleging to be his father.
Leicester Bryce Stovell claimed that as a 29-year-old, he had a one-night stand
with James’s mother when she was 15.

Stovell filed a $4 million lawsuit
in Ohio against LeBron and Gloria James, claiming fraud and defamation. LeBron
signed a new six year, $120 million contract with the Heat this summmer and
based on his various endorsement deals James is slated to make around $50 million
a year.

According to legal documents
submitted on behalf of the 25-year-old basketball star, DNA tests prove “zero
percent probability of paternity” by Stovell.

Gloria James has publicly
identified her son’s biological father as convicted felon Anthony McClelland.
She told ESPN magazine in 2002 that McClelland was a “casual sex partner” and a
father that never checked in.

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