Staycations prove successful

Tourism businesses participating in
the Staycations programme are hailing it as a successful part of operations
this summer.

The scheme provides a plethora of
options and deep discounts for Cayman Islands residents with member businesses
of the Cayman Islands Tourism Association coordinating to offer enticing
offers, including unprecedented special rates for hotel rooms, cheap diving,
watersports, special offers at restaurants and much more during the summer

Gary Frost of Living the Dream
Divers said that it was the second year that Staycation offers have been
available to Cayman Islands residents and that so far this season it had proved
a success.

“We feel great to be part of this
promotion. At this time when some of the businesses are really struggling
because of the economy it’s fantastic to have a programme that reminds people
who live on the island what an amazing place this is. We live in paradise,” he

Many hotels, condos and apartment
accommodations are offering great deals for residents. Penny Cumber of Cayman
Villas said that the Staycation scheme was fast becoming an important part of
summer business strategy for most tourism sectors.

“This year we’re really going for
the Staycationer; advertising extensively to residents… this is something we
have to do,” she noted.

Membership pleased

The Cayman Islands Tourism
Association themselves added that the membership had been very pleased with the
way things have gone so far. President Harry Lalli said that the general
feeling is positive.

“Speaking to the members,
everybody’s been very happy. Economically-speaking, a lot of people did take
advantage of the Staycation, especially in the eastern districts and on Seven
Mile Beach. You can definitely see the peak on the weekends as [figures] go up
because of the Staycation people. The hotels, condos and private villas have
done quite well.

“It’s always nice for people on the
island to get away without having to catch a flight off the island,” Mr. Lalli

Dive operator Frost said that the
scheme was growing as more and more people heard about the offers available,
and that as time went on there was more scope for development.

“Interest is building. It’s a great
idea and can always grow as people get more behind it. Every single person who
has come to us has loved it and it’s got great potential,

“We’ve taken a number of people
through the programme and every single person has said they’d forgotten how great
it is to live here – sometimes we all get tied up in our jobs in our lives and
forget what Cayman has to offer,” added the divemaster.


A staycation can remind residents of the beauty of Cayman.
Photo: Joe Shooman


  1. Times are tough and work atm can be stressful. But these staycations can work wonders for your soul. I recently took an option at the East End and returned after only 36 hours refreshed and tranquil – well maybe not completely serene but defintely relaxed. More companies should aprticapte in the Styacation programme and it should be extended until end of November.

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