CAL flight delayed

A Cayman Airways flight that was
readying itself for takeoff was instructed to stand down by Miami Air Traffic

According to a statement from the
national carrier, flight KX109 was due to take off from Miami International
Airport at 8pm on Monday, 30 August, but following initial clearance from the
control tower, the operation was aborted once the aircraft was in motion.

“While the aircraft was on the
takeoff roll at a relatively low speed, the air traffic controller instructed
the crew to cancel the takeoff. The crew immediately complied with the instruction
and discontinued the takeoff in a safe and controlled manner.

“Cayman Airways is committed to
safe and secure operations and thanks all passengers on board for their
patience during the resulting 10 minute delay in departure,” said the carrier.
Kathleen Bergen of the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States
told the Compass that the FAA was investigating the event.

“Cayman Airways 109 was cleared for
takeoff on Runway 12, and had just begun to slowly roll. Gulfstream Intl.
Airlines 9154 had just landed on Runway 9, rolled out on the runway and crossed
Runway 12 at Taxiway S.

“Cayman 109’s takeoff clearance was
cancelled. Closest proximity was approximately 5,500 ft,” explained the FAA

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