Firearm examiner gives evidence

Firearm examiner Allen Greenspan
gave evidence Friday in the trial of three men accused of murdering Omar Barton
Samuels in July 2009.

He told the jury he worked in
Florida and was sent items to examine, including five fired cartridge cases. In
his opinion, he said, all five had been fired from the same firearm.

After examining microscopic marks
on three copper fragments from bullet jackets, he said all three were fired
from the same gun. Comparing the information he had with that in an FBI
database, he could provide local authorities with the names of six possible gun
makers whose guns could have fired the bullets.

Mr. Greenspan was asked detailed
questions about the location of bullet casings at the scene of a shooting and
whether they would show where the shooter was standing.

Casings are ejected when bullets
are fired from a pistol, he said, and where a casing lands depends on several
factors, including the angle at which the gun is held and the possibility of
ricochet and bouncing. Asked if a casing could be ejected over the roof of a
building, he said no.

The items sent to him were
recovered by scenes of crime officers.

The jury also heard from a Cable and
Wireless investigations manager concerning cell phone records.

The defendants are Patrick Elbert
McField, Osbourne Wilfred Douglas and Brandon Leslie Ebanks.

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